List of Prisons in Eritrea reported recently in July 2009 by the Royal Dutch FM

This is a List of Prisons in Eritrea reported recently in July 2009 by the Royal Dutch FM in line with its Annual Report of Countries…..with the Dutch Embassy and other resources for this report. ( Taken from the Annual report, +/- 90 pages)

  1. 5.2 Lijst van (militaire) detentiecentra in Eritrea 170
    · Aderser (in  Sawa): military punishment(harsh punishment probably torturing)- and  training camp with underground cells.
    · Adi Abeto (near Asmara): Major Prison for Asmara, with shipping containers
    serving as punishment cell.
    · Adi Keih (Asmara): detention Centre i.e. for national service dodgers.
    · Adi Nefas (in/near Assab): military detention centre.
    · Adi Qala (around  40 km north of the  Ethiopian boarder between Asmara
    and Medefera): Military detention.
    · Agip (Asmara): detention centre i.e. for journalists.
    · Alla (near Dekemhare): Prison cells in shipping containers.
    · Assab (in the Port of  Assab): Military detention.
    · Baharia (Massawa): Marine(navy) base.
    · Barentu (Barentu): General Prison.
    · Dahlak Kebir (Dahlak Islands): detention centre i.e. political prisoners
    , including deportees from countries such as  Egypt, Libya and Malta.
    ·Duarwa (South of  Asmara between Adi Quala and Adi Ugri): General Prison·
    (The name is Dubarwa; however the area can be corrected accordingly….. my Note)

      .Eiraeiro (Filfil-Selomuna between Asmara and Massawa): detention centre for              political prisoners.
·Galaalo (desert area near the Red Sea coast): military forced labour camp.
·Gedem (circa 40 km south of  Massawa): forced labour camp to build the
 marine base.
·Ghatelay (between Asmara and Massawa): forced military labour camp (
Note: the name can be pronounced as Ghahtelay).
· Haddis Ma’askar (in  Sawa along the boarded with  Sudan): military prisons with underground cells.
·Halhale (in Asmara): detention centre i.e. for those who illegally tried to cross the borders.
· Kambo Ndafurstale (Sanafe): Military Prison.
· Klima (near Assab): General Prison.
· Mai Daga (near Dekemhare): Military prisons  with shipping containers used for punishment·

 Mai Duma (South of  Asmara): Military Camp.
·Mai Srwa (near Asmara): with underground cells and shipping containers i.e. used to punish political-prisoners and national service dodgers.
· Mai Temenei (Asmara): military prison with underground cells.
· Metkelabet (between Asmara and Massawa): military prison.
· Me’eter (between Nakfa and the coast): military prisons.

· Sembel (Asmara): detention centre for i.e. political prisoners and
religious-stream followers.
· Tehadasso: military prisons with shipping containers used as punishment cell.
· Tessenei (Tessenei): military prison / rehabilitation centre.
· Tract B (Asmara): military prison.
· Tsererat (Asmara): military prison with underground cells primarily for
·Wengel Mermera (Asmara): interrogation centre for i.e. political
prisoners and  Muslims.
· Wi’a (south of  Massawa to the Red Sea Coast): military punishment and 
training camp for i.e. national service dodgers / deserters and religious



170 HRW, Service for Life: State Repression and Indefinite Conscription in Eritrea (16 April
2009) en UK Border Agency, Country of Origin Information Report Eritrea (21 April 2009).
Algemeen Ambtsbericht Eritrea / July 2009

· Sawa (along  Sawa river, near the boarder with Sudan): military punishment camp for i.e. national service dodgers, religious minority members an those who try to cross the boarder illegally
.Furthermore ,Sawa is a training camp for 12th
grade regular military training.

  Translated into English by Tesfazghi







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