Voice of Assenna:Tomorrow All Roads Lead to Birmingham/ ኣፈርክቡ ንበርሚንግሃም



Review overview
  • senay March 29, 2013

    Very powerful poem Ema, wonderful Job.

  • amanuale okubu March 29, 2013

    i am amanuel from eritrea iam not saport any hegtdef becouse he is a kiler and mr brison so we are readi for demstretio in bernigeham wekup all eritrean together thankes

  • eriiiiii March 29, 2013

    Invite the foreign journalists so that the people’s rage is widely heard all over the world!!!!

  • viva forto March 30, 2013

    hfret achekmo nezi weyal hbey azekakro neta keyah /red anderware /when he was slipen sheting with Weyni befor he get mared her at shabayt hfretu kentto nez telam /kahday nCherifo eqa ktelm zeyhafr ezikulu hfretu chefinu nab sltan zemtseo lomi Hbeys waga rekiba seb qoyna ab Hotelat kea ktesafh trea ala bla assaguga tkid nab ahawata tneqi ab gereba bqedemu hbay hbey endala entay waga alewa tdgem aba Gawna zezbela dey nsu amela.

  • ema March 30, 2013

    I have full support and respect of the conference in Birmingham by YPFDJ. I could paricipace there,,,,I hope I do it next year…..

  • Kombishtato March 30, 2013

    Please read the recent articles of east Africa’s original mind, the thinker and activist Yosief Ghebrehiwet, YG, at asmarino.

    Here is excerpt from: (I) Discontent at the Top: Mismatching
    Disjointed Eritrea

    “If we are to take the misplacement of biret as a reflection of a disoriented mind, we can see how that mind would keep mismatching in similar but larger contexts. For instance, those in the opposition who have been vociferously opposing arms embargo imposed on Eritrea by the UN, even as some of them noticeably didn’t eschew violence to bring regime change (figure that out, if you can!), exhibit the same mismatching malady. Reminiscent of the infamous atsnihaly phenomenon cruelly used by colonels, where they entrust their victims to a prison outside their turf and often forget them for years, these opponents are afraid that unless allowed all the arms he can buy Isaias won’t be able to keep their “Eritrea” safe for them – talk about ambivalence! Literally, they are entrusting Isaias with safeguarding Eritrea (atsnihalna), forgetting that that Eritrea is inhabited with real flesh-and-blood people; for if we are to include the masses (with the land) in this atsnihalna hidri, isn’t that what the callous colonels have been exactly doing? If so, notice how many in the opposition, unwittingly or not, have been helping the regime in its tightrope walking; and thus ending up becoming instrumental in stretching the autumn season in Eritrea.”