A PFDJ Meeting Planned for Sunday Stopped by A Swedish High School Headmaster

The regime in Eritrea is not welcome here. Swedish Journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for over ten years without trial in Eritrea. We certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand

The regime in Eritrea is not welcome here. Swedish Journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for over ten years without trial in Eritrea. We certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand for democratic values, says the school’s new headmaster, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström.

At the meeting it is planned that the Eritrean ambassador to Britain, Tesfa-Michael Gerahtu, will talk about how the Swedish authorities and media are to degenerate the regime.

I have tried to examine the political agenda of the organizers, but it is very unclear, and we cannot risk rent to someone who doesn’t stand for democracy, she says.

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  • zeshakeni September 29, 2011

    High school stops Eritrea meeting
    Here is the regime not welcome.
    Åsö Vuxenymnasium in Stockholm stops the planned big seminar with Eritrean ambassador to UK on Sunday.
    – The decision was taken, we certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand for democratic values, says the school’s new headmaster, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström.

    Journalist Dawit Isaak has over ten years been imprisoned without trial in Eritrea.
    In the regime-friendly site alenalki.com, there is a big advertisement regarding the planned summit in Sweden on Sunday – at the gymnasium. At the meeting it is planned that the Eritrean ambassador to Britain, Tesfamichael Gerahtu, will talk about how the Swedish authorities and media are denigrating the regime.
    Now the event is stopped by the school’s director, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström:
    – There will definitely not happen in our facilities, she said.
    – The school’s rules is that we can rent out our hall to other schools and organizations or associations. But we obviously do not rent out any that do not account for the democratic principles the country and the school operates.

    “Decisions that have evolved”
    According to Sirpa Wahlberg Borgstrom to those responsible for Sunday’s planned general meeting have been told yesterday that they are no longer welcome at school.
    – They’re probably searching for a new place now, she says.
    Sirpa was informed about the lease at the end of last week and has since studied their agenda.

    Dawit Isaak. Photo: Private actions.
    – It’s a decision that has emerged during the week. I have tried to examine the political agenda, organizers have but it is very unclear, and we can not risk to rent to someone who stands against democracy, she says.
    The school has previously rented out their premises for meetings which have been criticized for being pro Eritrean regime. There was, however, before Sirpa Wahlberg Borgstrom took office as president in August this year.

  • tegadalay September 29, 2011

    this idiot high school hedmaster dont think that there is anather hall meeting room as long as pay for rent thy will get alot of halls or rooms for their event

    • Concerned Eritrawi September 29, 2011

      Tegadalay, you are more fanatic that Tegadalay, every time some does the right thing based on the rule they have; you seem to be offended. Instead you need to try to understand and learn the rule of law and then you can at least I am on the right track. Name calling to the whole world never helped your master instead isolated him from every venue and as result him and his servants are paying for it and will continue.
      The headmaster did a great job not holding the meeting at the school property. Great Job Headmaster!

      • Haqi September 29, 2011

        Dear Eritreawi, how do you expect the so called ‘tegadalay’ to understand about rule of law while he is living under a tyrant who does not have neither rule nor law?

    • Hamid September 29, 2011

      He is principled Headmaster not like your leader who does not have principle, ethics, moral. In his interview with VOA he himself said I don’t have a contract to be a president and therefore I will rule until I’m needed. He is the judge and plaintiff. Yes he is ruling without contact, on his own well and power (thanks to some stooges like you who don’t know their rights and are heartless to their oppressed Eritrean who are fleeing the country in large quantity) and he concludes that he is doing great job whenevery thing around (press, democracy, rule of low, education, work, religious oppression, servitude, etc) is very bad in Eritrea.

  • Helen September 29, 2011

    “this idiot high school hedmaster dont think that there is anather hall meeting room as long as pay for rent thy will get alot of halls or rooms for their event”
    Sure PFDJ will have no problem finding another hall to rent. At least the headmaster will sleep well knowing he did the right thing, unlike the PFDJ supporters.

    • Bus.Zone September 29, 2011

      The Circle is shrinking , Every Dogs Has it day . people are Paying attention to the Bandits in Eritrea

  • Dawit September 29, 2011

    As the state department of the United States rejected Issayas’s request to travel from NY to DC, the Swedish high school headmaster denied PFDJ’s request to use the school to spread lies, and propaganda whose only aim it is to lengthen the suffering of Eritreans. Swedish and Americans will be remembered for standing with the people of Eritrea in the time of unbearable distress of Eritreans at the hand of the tyrant.

    A friend in need is a friend indeed. Both America and Sweden have demonstrated in action that they are friends of Eritreans but Issayas’s foe.

  • Free Dr Fitzum September 29, 2011

    Headmaster, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström, our hero of the week, deserves honorary Eritrean citizenship.

  • Kunta_Kinte September 29, 2011

    Damn what has the World come too? A dictator can’t have a Pizza in peace. One of his chief thugs is chased down a street. One of his Shifta conciliere got a serious Azz whooping in Israel, in Leeds they can’t have a meeting. and to now they are told Sweden is not for terrorists. PFDJ thugs got no place to go. I even have a better idea. Since these blind idiots can’t stop talking how they love Eritrea. How they are the true protectors of Eritrea and the rest are a bunch of traitors. Why not deport them back to the hell hole Eritrea. They can have all the meetings they can. They will be able to worship this murderer.

    When these thugs are saddled with reality and the alarm clock is sounded, they will be in for a rude awakening. I remember watching a documentary about WW II in the pacific. Japan was on the verge of defeat but the Americans wanted to expedite it even more. when they dropped “little boy” and “fat man” over Hiroshima and Nagasaki Japan had no choice but to surrender. The rude awaking was h yet to come to the Japanese people. it was not only the humiliation of being defeated in war. It was what followed that left deep impression. General MacArthur wrote the terms of surrender, and one of the conditions was for the Emperor to talk directly to his subjects that he was not a deity. That Japan now was essentially under the American occupation. The people were stunned. They had always been fed lies and propaganda that they were superior. They were always right. Well may be it was not so bad after all. Though they were occupied and humiliated they also benefited from the Americans becoming second economy in the World, well number three now since China has over taken them.
    The same fate awaits you PFDJ thugs. But unlike the Japanese no one will want to touch you with a ten foot pole let alone help you. Ass_y_ass is nothing but a small time swindler. he is Shifta. A thief. Did anyone of you idiots hear his VOA interview? Every thing that comes of his is a lie. He cites Wikileaks how the truth is being exposed. Well, how about i mention a few things i read in Wikileaks. That the Americans know he is a drunkard. That PFDJ is nothing but a mafia gang. That murders, steals, rapes, tortures. I read that when the American Ambassador mentioned about shipping containers being used as prison cells. The Thug replied, Metal containers are luxurious since most Eritreans live in mud huts. Some contempt they have for their own people. I also read that Ass-Y-Ass begs Chinese food from the Chinese Embassy. How he gets wasted by drinking a bottle of liquor. It was quite a revelation, even the Sudanse call them stiffs. They don’t pay their bills, they steal. They stole grain from the EU to sell it. The generals engage in human trafficking, contraband while at the same time shooting people on the border. So, yes wikileaks has been wonderful. Thank you manning Bradley!! You may have done your Country a harm by exposing all the dirt. I fro one am thankful for you girlfriend, he he he … see if they had allowed gays to serve openly without facing repercussions all this would not have happened. But I digress, that is for the Americans to sort out.
    So when wedi Komarit lies and the blind idol worshipers lap it up. Know this the “Lion of nakfa” mouse of Badme and the rest is no different than Mubarak or Qaddafi. You may have a scenario like Yemen or Syria, the nation divided. It is indeed already is divided. When you have Dawit Issac’s Brother supporting the torturers of his sibling. you know it is the end of the world.

    So in conclusion. Deport all PFDJ blind supporters back to the back water. Let all the rest of Eritreans who seek to live in a country where basic rights are respected to take their place.

    • HappyOne September 29, 2011

      Simply brilliant.
      Thank you!

  • abdi September 29, 2011

    Why of a sudden concerning about issak and the so called prisoners?is it the hot business now or you mean a freedom?
    You Agames this happened once and for a reason you should care about ur ethiopian ppl who are in a daily bases arrests under the so called anti terror laws.and tell sorry for what the school lost,didn’t they know it isn’t the last hall?

    • Balancing_Act September 29, 2011

      Every time you write something you reveal your self and your stupidity, and you just spew hate without even understanding the topic to which you are replying. Your assumption that every one who is against your Dictator is an agame, this kind of intimidation have been tried before and it does not work.

      Free Eritrea is the Way!!!

      • abdi September 29, 2011

        You are not against PIA only but also against Eritrea and eritreans,and if u was eritreans u would’t have wished a sanction to be imposed on Eritrea.but cos you are jealous AGAMES you are sleepless to fabricate lies to support the sanction,
        Agames, Kubur.husur sheyat hzbu weshlakh these are the names which fit ppl like you as long as u relay on Agames to resolve ur internal problem and where?huh in aids ababa where the Agames looted,tortured 800000 eritrean for just being eritreans,and every body who accepts the humiliations those innocent experienced is AGAME.
        SO,If you think ur oppositions i and all eritreans can tell that you are not, you are nothing other than a cheap woyales tool against ur people,against Eritrean i should say cos u are AGAME.

    • ABDI 11 October 11, 2011

      ABDI, what is Ur problem, the only ward u know is agame, I think u have a personal issue with that ward. U need to wake up, or u need a strong Ethiopian coffee If u have any respect 4 human race, why u base Ur opinion on insult? u have all the rights to express Ur view, but do it with modesty. I am sure Ur very smart and u know better.
      ABDI, why Ru 4 the regime, R we doing find, Do we have constitution, parliament, free press, political parties,free trail, and freedom of movement? My brother I want to know Ur story. Stop playing cheap politics, make me understand why Ru 4 the regime?

  • Fresewra September 29, 2011

    I consider PFDJ supporters like the ones who supported previous regimes ruled Eritrea. The Erittrean people call those who betrayed their people for any reason and take side with iron fist rulers Militia sirnay, weldegeba or esepa. That is exactly what the PFDJ or YPFDJ are, they only changed their name and soon it will join the above vocabularies which remind Eritreans the dark days of past memories. As the PFDJ is gasping for the last breathe of air, freedom appears to be around the corner. All we need to say is enough at once for the regime to crumble and our dream of seeing prosperous Eritrea, land of equal opportunities with leaders who work citizens not for themselves will be real sooner than later.

    • abdi September 29, 2011

      Stay in ur aids ababa and carry on dreaming until woyales kick ur Ass out soon,and DO NOT DREAM TO SEE ERITREA Its for eritreans only.neither khedaat nor Agames are allowed in Eritrea.

  • tegadalay September 29, 2011

    iknow isee your feristration after the NEWYORK EVENT so jast get over it & go back to ADISSABAB LICK MELESS PLATE like they say in tigrina SHERKIKUM DERBIKUM ABIDKUM WERE GENA KALE ALO this is good ilove it nobody mess with the lion of nakfa when ESAYAS was living to see the american security run after him is my joy full memont like they say in tigrina DEDIHRU ZOK ZOK ABILUWOM WEDI AFOM JIGNA

    • Medhin Berad September 29, 2011

      You know for a blind follower like you. The PFDJ mafia should heavily invest in education. Ain’t nobody can understand your gibberish. Two things are clear. One Shiftas like you who worship individuals are nothing but a bunch of big mouths but no action. Americans are building drone bases around the horn and in Arab lands. They have told your Wedini shifta head if Alshabab were to try any stupid move his ass would be blown to smithereens. Will you fight for him and die for him? Let me spare you from making a fool of yourself. I will answer it for you. You see stupid followers like you we have seen them. They are plenty. I remember when Iraqis use to say “bil rooh, bil daam nafdeek ya saddam”. Well, we all know how that ended. The piece of Shit was hanged alone. Or just recently everyone of the “trusted” men of Qaddaffi left him. The same fate awaits wedi Komarit. Need I also remind you inteligence services monitor this site? They can locate your black ass and deport you back to wedi Medihn berad. let me let you in, in a little secret. The names and identities of pfdj thugs is being collected and turned over to authorities. You can have all of Eritrea for you true morons. Eritrea will always be there for it’s people. Pfdj thugs such as yourself won’t last. But this is the tip of the ice berg. You thugs will be humiliated further.

  • Sincere September 29, 2011

    After reading all the comments I’m left with one question…why is that those of us who oppose the eritrean dictator can talk about issues without the name calling but yet his supporters cannot do the same? You guys truly make yourselves look idiotic, I understand you guys are threatened by us and all this name calling and living in denial is just a way for you guys to do your damage control but what are you going to do when Isaias is gone and there’s nowhere to hide?

    • abdi September 30, 2011

      FUNNY..keep dreaming..you are agame and always will be husur sheyat hzbu kedae

      • saba September 30, 2011

        ABDI like your name implies you are abdi *welahade zeiridoo*

        • abdi October 1, 2011

          What’s supposed to mean ya Eugumey

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