A PFDJ Meeting Planned for Sunday Stopped by A Swedish High School Headmaster

The regime in Eritrea is not welcome here. Swedish Journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for over ten years without trial in Eritrea. We certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand

The regime in Eritrea is not welcome here. Swedish Journalist Dawit Isaak has been imprisoned for over ten years without trial in Eritrea. We certainly do not rent out to someone who does not stand for democratic values, says the school’s new headmaster, Sirpa Wahlberg Borgström.

At the meeting it is planned that the Eritrean ambassador to Britain, Tesfa-Michael Gerahtu, will talk about how the Swedish authorities and media are to degenerate the regime.

I have tried to examine the political agenda of the organizers, but it is very unclear, and we cannot risk rent to someone who doesn’t stand for democracy, she says.

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  • Hazhaz September 30, 2011

    The Hgdef regime is dying very slowly. All its former friends have abandoned it.
    With Issias Afaf, Eritrea is waiting for time to go over the cliff.
    It is shame Eritrea is being led by a mad and crazy man called Issiais Afaf.
    In the last ten years, more than 200,000 young Eritreans had left it. Young Eritreans see Eritrea under Issaias, Yemane monkey, Hagos Kisha, Yemane Charlie … all of Tembien-Tigray origin, as a sinking ship.

  • GHEZAI September 30, 2011

    hawkan abokan wedkan ewn kurku kitkewn yeblkan haki hizka kid halay

  • abdi September 30, 2011

    halayn donqoron ms nahwatu zegafEn zewareden tetsegiEu fethi krekb zhalm eu.bEray

  • gasha September 30, 2011

    On his interview with Dan Connell Haille Drue Woldensae said about the jornalists that
    “Now when you see these independent papers, they are trash. They are not addressing issues of national interest. Some of them are bringing things in order to be sensational.”

  • gasha September 30, 2011

    Since when does amanuel/assenna care about death. Eritrea just lost a great man, father and teacher of all time in tigrina and tigre litrature Memhir Musa Aron but assenna never mention a word. Eventhough i feel sad for the ethiopian artists RIP.
    I will like to mention to assenna this artists are people and they died and dont use them for your own poletical reasons. Again how comes you didnt write anything about memhir Mussa Aron? like the saying goes adea gedifas hamata tinafik. I am just wondering however Memhir Mussa aron deserve much better than this cheap web site of yours always begging for money.

  • matigari September 30, 2011

    unlike the past where the EPLF was fighting alongside the people for the freedom of Eritrea at present some unbeneficieries of the EPLF the now PFDJ are fighting for the power which they think belonged to them. the eritrean government at present with the leadership of the PFDJ is working towards the best route to development but amanuel and his likealikes are so frustrated with the very limited knowledge they have of their incapability to handle their responsibility for a future eritrea. they simply use sacrifices of their beloved ones as an excuse to cover their deep rooted failur. that is a human error. hopefully they will comeback again soon before the land makes the call.
    God help you to come back

  • GHEZAI September 30, 2011

    abdi you are so childsh you so stupit (werzy abi interoinka. kola in tekoinka kea nedeka kingreka e ye)

    • abdi October 1, 2011

      Ab enda wurzuyat dina zelena,ab enda agame qunka Muwrzay terekhibley,shma ekwa zewrzuy Ass ena.

  • abdi October 1, 2011

    i suggest if you lot go looking for ur missing leader ya agame.and eritreans will hire ten halls instead.shkushkwa mseu twhatkum INSHAALAH

    • Adi nefas October 2, 2011

      The word “Agame” that “abdi” wrote above is just a district name of Tigrai, just like Hamasen or Seraye or Barka on Eritrea. It is a name of very hard working people who are ruling 85 million people in Ethiopia, the most powerful in the Horn of Africa.
      If you want to hear the truth, there is no less “Agametay” or “Agame” than Isaias Afaf of Tembien – wedi Medhin berad, or Yemane Monkey – wedi Gebriela setanta otto stemaqit suwa, Yemane G. Meskel of Enderta, Hagos Kisha of Tembien Tigrai …. the list is very long …

  • GHEZAI October 2, 2011

    adi nefas thank you kem beal abdi ziameselu anzar tikmom ziguazu senefat mahaym denakur b ziyda. giziyeka mktal e u
    mis keziayom mzirab way ketrdeom. haki tefrohom haki zey blom soul less eyom .

    • abdi October 2, 2011

      Yea, antsar tekmey m’enti nehwatey krhwom,btsaynet ane k half nskha tsnah,means Im not a selfish person like you who sells his own ppl for a week stay in a luxurious hotel in aids ababa.ya donqoro who is mahhaym? the one who expected to get his problem resolved by the one who killed tortured and looted his ppl,or me who stands beside my ppl? Esub moghay zemedo kedae Kubur agame.

  • GHEZAI October 2, 2011

    hisbna kab addis abeba zitesegu tray d yom?. e ty ab bahri ab maeserty mdrebeda ab sdet zitefe. zitef zelo bsenki esayas ke hizbi eritra i konen? nab hade srrat. srrat zeiblu kitdgf elka hzbka ay tylem. zibah ngho kisadka adnika eun ayewazakan e u
    mengsty i mezie i keyd hzbi gen kulu gziye alo