Arbi Harnet to Make Phone Calls to Eritrea in Support of the African Union Declaration for a Continental Mourning Day for Lampedusa Victims

Dear friends In solidarity with the declaration of the Africa union and the call made by Assenna Foundation for Eritreans to mark Nov 3, 2013 as a continental mourning day for our brothers and sisters who perished in

Dear friends

In solidarity with the declaration of the Africa union and the call made by Assenna Foundation for Eritreans to mark Nov 3, 2013 as a continental mourning day for our brothers and sisters who perished in Lampedusa, we will be making several thousand calls with a message to this effect over the coming few days.

As you all know contrary to allowing our people to mourn officially and together, the regime has done its very best to suppress public outrage over the Lampedusa disaster, using mercenaries from Demhit. We think this is despicable and believe now more than ever we should stand with our people and support them as they resist pfdj inside Eritrea.

If you wish to support these calls or any of our forthcoming engagements with the public inside Eritrea please make a donation through our paypal account.

Those who wish to pay directly to our bank or use other methods of payment please get in touch with members of the team separately and we will facilitate payments in accordance to your needs.

Arbi Harnet’s work is only possible through everyone’s support

 Team Arbi Harnet

Review overview
  • Wedi hz October 31, 2013

    Why is it everybody asks for money, don’t you understand one of the reason why I hate hgdef is he asked me to pay 2% . Please if you want us help you call Eritrea give us the phone number then we can call but how would I know what you are going to do with the money.honestly I can’t trust anybody with my money so I can only help you if you give me the number you want me to call. Please lets understand that, do you know how many groups are asking for money where I live? It seems that the have different group for profit, don’t you think?

    • ahmed saleh November 1, 2013

      My friend if you seek for something there is a price to pay .

    • Senait November 1, 2013

      “I hate hgdef is he asked me to pay 2% ” no we hate HGDEF because it is using the money to kill our people. IF the 2% percent is to help our people, we have paid even 10%. How are going to get rid of the dictator if you are to cheap to donate $3?

      • Wedi hz November 1, 2013


        What do you mean hgdef use the 2%. To kill people. I am sorry but I don’t understand that

        • ahmed saleh November 4, 2013

          Paying 2 % percent what did you get ?
          Unbearable sad stories again and again . Please wake up !

    • Zemen November 2, 2013

      Welfare bums don’t bring change. Most Eritreans in Europe live off welfare. Get off your butts and work for a living you useless maggot.

  • Ghezai October 31, 2013

    Noting is for free evrything costs. Do you wotk for free
    It is for our well-being. Dont be grazmch kunfu

  • Zeray October 31, 2013

    Wedi Hz

    This struggle is not for the cynics. Many who cannot stand the grim realities not only are giving their money and time but also their lives. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen.

    • Genet October 31, 2013

      Wedi hz is not cynics, but die hard PFDJ. aka Wedi hzib.
      he is just here to confuse people. Or he is trying to move from the living-dead to living human. He seems, he is in the state of in and out of consensuses. He can’t help it.

      • Wedi hz November 1, 2013

        Ala genet I still love you but don’t try to tell people who they are but try to understand that everybody doesn’t have to see things the way you it. I know you are smart but when it comes to politics you are loosing it my friend

  • change October 31, 2013

    Good job guys I will do my best to make this effort happen.May God bless you all

  • Anonymous November 1, 2013

    Another tragedy has been discovered in attempt to cross from Niger through the harshest condition of Sahara to Algeria in attempt to cross to Europe. Their identities have not been mentioned yet, however, the number of casualties was estimated to be approximately reaching 100. Most of the victims were women and children. Try the link below might lead to the news report posted in yahoo.

  • Morroso November 1, 2013

    wedi hz
    You can do something if you don’t give money!! you good in doing “KEEP your Mouth Shot” that will be good,2,if you feel you are Eritrean just call any 7Numbers that will cover you due.

  • wedimahta November 1, 2013

    Good to see unity b/n arbi harnet and assena. I hope u will play a great role in uniting the who delayiti fithi for the sake of saving the country.

  • haben November 1, 2013

    Dear ARBI HARNET !!!!
    I wil,l and I hope all Eritrean people will support you by any means. But I want to remind you something as ELF ( Teghadalit ) in 1980 on my young age when I forced to leave my beloved country, because of WEYANE the reason I am trying to tell you is at that Time 70% of the Shaebia ware not supporting the war or destroying ELE except Merihnet Shaebia and the mercenaries WEYANE. The same history is repeating now after 33 years. The mercenaries they do not have any mercy to the Eritrean people history proved on as

  • Zemen November 2, 2013

    Where is the transparency when it comes to the money raised? These calls do nothing for our campaign. Call home and people will tell you they are a joke. The masses are being played for fools while the likes of Selam and Meron are profiting handsomely.