Eritrean Opposition from Difference Management to Difference Resolution

Eritrea, as a country, is facing problems of forced depopulation internally and forced disconnection externally.  Isayas’s policy of militarizing the country compelled the youth to live in ditches and their parents to carry guns and

Eritrea, as a country, is facing problems of forced depopulation internally and forced disconnection externally.  Isayas’s policy of militarizing the country compelled the youth to live in ditches and their parents to carry guns and guard empty streets.  The policy rendered living a peaceful and dignified life impossible.  Externally, Eritreans are on forced disconnection because of Isayas’s imposed 2% tax on their income and imposed support for his policy of shackled freedom of expression inside and outside Eritrea.  These policies of disconnection are forcing Diaspora Eritreans to drop plans of visiting Eritrea to get their children connected with their heritage in their ancestral homeland.  Deferring plans of visiting the country of origin until the despotic rule ends has become necessary and the endless disconnection could lead to a total disconnection as and when all of the living links to the country of origin die.

Isayas was not wrong when he said, “We are number one in the world.”  Yes, he is right in that any sinking ship has Eritreans on board, as in any flying plane in trouble has Americans on board.  Additionally, Isayas imposed on most Diaspora Eritreans to only claim Eritrean roots and not to have connection with their ancestral homeland, just like most Americans through time only have claims of Irish roots and not direct connections.

The plans of depopulation as well as disconnection of the Diaspora Eritreans are working for Isayas.  With the power of the gun supporting his dictatorship internally and by sowing dissent as well as by multiplying infiltration within the opposition camp, Isayas is able to paralyze or neutralize all the opposition forces enabling him to become unassailable despot.

The Eritrean silent majority is united with the organized opposition in their bitter hatred against those who support the despot.  Although the Diaspora silent majority is by choice, the main cause has been the opposition’s inability to overcome its divisions.  Moreover, due to the opposition’s fractured stand against the regime more and more members and grass roots are leaving the opposition to join the silent majority.  Thus, it can be said that the grass roots are experiencing struggle fatigue as a result of the opposition being stuck in managing its difference only and not taking it to the level of resolving the differences effectively.

Similarly, Isayas’s policy of starvation, as a tool to control the nation and its people, compelled the Eritrean people to only focus on the politics of how to feed themselves.  Although the public resentment against the regime is much stronger than ever internally, they cannot afford any or the slightest direct confrontation on their empty stomach.

It is, therefore, to believe that every anti-the-despotic-rule recognizes the urgency of finding a way to ending the anti-people rule.  The opposition on its part has gone through many hurdles that robbed it a long period of time to overcome them.  As a result, the opposition is better off now with its political culture of tolerating difference and respecting others’ rights.

The process of trust building has also been going on for years and, as a result, members of the opposition perfected in tolerating differences.  But tolerating differences is only limited to respecting differences and does not help to resolve the differences.  Some obstacles need more than trust building.  Indeed, an obstacle caused by political difference requires all members to reach an agreement on how to overcome its related obstacles.  Thus, through tolerating their differences the members of the opposition are only managing their difference and so long the difference remains the members should keep accommodating the difference even by avoidance of interactions.

Can Managing Difference be reinforced by Problem Resolution?

Despite the burning desire of the opposition, leaders and members alike, to work together some obstacles were found to be difficult to vanish due to political differences and inability to find ways to resolve them.  However, the opposition has stayed together despite all the obstacles and barriers they encountered, which they could not resolve effectively.  Their staying together has been possible through accommodating and tolerating their differences, which process can better be described as internal differences managing tool.

Many analyses were conducted to describe the opposition’s differences.  Previous analyses endeavored to define the opposition’s obstacles.  However, overcoming the obstacles needs deeper analysis.  All of the conducted analyses were descriptive ones.  The descriptive analysis helped the opposition to define or describe the obstacles only.  However, in order for the opposition to prevail over all its obstacles and reach decisions on removing the regime, the members have to resolve their differences.  And, this is possible only by conducting causal analyses to identify the causes of their differences and to find solutions.

For effective resolutions the opposition should focus on the sub-systems of their management system, which incorporate religion, region, ethnicity, tribes and more.  Indeed, the opposition should identify, define and monitor the sub-systems of their major systems in order to fix the internal defects within the opposition’s conflict management system.  To contain the differences caused by the sub-systems, it requires courageous actions and head-on confrontation with the negatives of the process that is designed to help resolve problems and internal conflicts.  Otherwise, the choice is to have another dictator, like Isayas, to suppress the differences caused by the sub-systems.  The regime uses these sub-systems to infiltrate the opposition.  The opposition should also focus on sealing off the sub-systems denying the regime’s infiltrators to gain access and capitalize on the weaknesses of the sub-systems.

Limited Problem-resolutions may double the Opposition’s Trouble

The opposition shook hands on tolerating differences.  There were times when they struggled to overcome their differences or to wholly resolve their problems.  And in many cases their obstacles gave grounds for new opportunities, like forming ENCDC and other political projects.  There were also times when the opposition faced setbacks and some members had to experience disappointments and fears of withdrawal from its alliances or coalitions.  Many demonstrated courage to cross the line of differences and such drives were encouraged in order to accomplish limited success that enabled to wrap up some existing differences.

So, can the opposition continue fully depending on the processes of working together through practicing tolerance of differences only?  The opposition, as forces in alliance/coalition and not in absolute unity, the process may work well if all believe in the theme of “our diversity is our strength,” which can lead to giving all members the needed space to function and grow without limitation.  Otherwise, it would be like endorsing Isayas’s dictatorship, a rule by suppressing all opposing views and voices.  Indeed, the opposition can benefit and invest on the wealth of its differences that include federalism, decentralism, canton-ism (Swiss like), vertical or horizontal power-sharing, coalition-ism of multiparty system, etc.  The whole worldview there comes under one roof and are good resources to depend on and to devise the right mix from.

Between Regime’s no-peace no-war and Opposition Inaction, the People Suffer

As despair grows faster in every Eritrean youth, the wish of everyone becomes to end life by committing suicide.  Similarly, the whole Eritrea people inside Eritrea is facing countless problems resulting in making them struggle fatigue, bored and, as a result, every one of them is goaded into either committing suicide or fleeing the country.  Thus, either way death is unavoidable to those living under Isayas’s rule in that one experiences slow death if he/she does not leave the country or faces quick death on crossing the border.  Upon crossing the border and jumping into a lifeboat, the fleeing person feels like saving his/her life before the sinking ship sinks faster.

Once landed, the fleeing Eritreans try to investigate and find out how the regime made them purposeless and wanderers.  And as refugees, they would expect good care and glimpses of hope but yet they do not feel safe because the regime’s agents keep watching their steps.  The refugees are followed up by the regime’s agents, wherever they go and whoever they talk to.  The agents of Isayas even whisper into their ears not to betray their country and to remain loyal to the very cruel dictator (Isayas) who made them haunted by purposelessness of empty lives in their country of origin.  Although the refugees know that can be asylum seekers only if they stay away from the regime, they are instead coerced into staying away from the justice seekers or those who can only help them get refugee status.  How could the regime do that, turning victims to his accomplices becoming innocent criminals? It sounds like Isayas upgraded his capabilities from killing “two birds with one stone” to “whole Eritrean population with one stone.”  The regime should have perfected in synchronizing its agents operations and cover ups, which the opposition should match to in order to at least save the Eritrean refugees from the regime’s trap.

The scary part is that the refugees fail to believe seeing the regime’s agents rushing to re-hire them outside Eritrea.  Imagine the regime, which is engaged in systematically emptying the country, is once again trying to make contacts with those who were forced to leave the country.  The purpose of their re-hiring is to use them in its further emptying the country by focusing on those who are a threat to the regime.  Double action is taken in order to force the anti-regime youth or any politically conscious person to leave the county.  To do so, the double action would include daily harassment of the targeted person by the regime’s security and then facilitate transfers of money and information from their Diaspora friends.  The plan, ultimately, is that with the departure of the politically conscious people, Eritrea will become Isayas’s land or the land of one heart and one tongue.  Again, here, the opposition has to match the regime’s actions and stratagems in order to prevent the regime from hatching conspiracies of turning a victim against another victim.

Therefore, if the life of the Eritrean youth matters, the opposition should rush to resolve all its differences and act immediately to save Eritrea from sinking faster.  Yes, Eritrea is calling on all the opposition to prioritize unity of the Eritrean people and salvation of the nation.

Happy Revolution Day to all


Review overview
  • k.tewolde September 1, 2015

    The tyrant has been deliberate and slick from the get go. He knew exactly what he wanted out of this tiny nation, he is not smart or educated ,but he is well equipped to the teeth with experience of lies,deceit,extortion,inciting people against each other…he is a virus that inserted himself into the Eritrean DNA and changed the structure of the protein for good.He knows the Eritrean psyche like the palm of his hand.He manufactured today’s Eritrean youth 28 times in that infamous gulag ,and stamped them with his name on the assembly line. That is why he sarcastically said,’DON’T WORRY, THEY JUST GOING ON A PICNIC, THEY WILL COME BACK’.This virus can stay latent in all of us,when it is in it’s active stage it is called HEGDEFATITIS , it is hard to get rid off.

  • Paradiso September 1, 2015

    ኣነ ዝገርመኒ፣ ፖለቲካ ተቓወምቲ ከምዝብሎ፣ “ሽግር ናይ ኤርትራ ሓደ ሰብ ኢሳያስ ኣፈወርቂ .. ዝበሃል እዩ”።
    ኮይኑ ግና ኣብ ሜዳ ተቓወምቲ፣ ልዕሊ ሰላሳ ዝኾና ውድባት፣ ከምዚ ናይ ሓሸማ ኣብ ሰሰለስተ ወርሒ እየን ዝጠንሳ መስለኒ።

  • AHMED SALEH !!!. September 1, 2015

    Unfortunately , we didn’t find the opposition achieved satisfactory result in this political process . Reason
    behind the failure is not easy to detect because of
    lack of information we experienced .
    Since OPPOSITION belong to concerned Eritreans . It
    needs some kind of infusion from experienced & well informed visionaries to direct on right direction .
    Those who become barriers to leave our movement in
    limbo must get kicked out definitely . We should learn
    when and how to say no for any politician , unreserved
    pass permit card only brought us miseries .

  • Simon G. September 2, 2015

    So, if we think one guy can play us all, doesn’t mean we are almost all dumb people. On the contrary, we always claim Eritreans are the smartest people on planet Earth. The math is not adding up. Please pass the calculator!

  • merhaba September 2, 2015

    I agree with the spirit of the article, however it lacks bite and radical vision. People we are here at war with a Faschist regime, talking about sub types etc waht is that ?. The reason the so called”opposition” is not united are as far as I am concerned as they have no difference in the first place, other than”BISCHIMET ZHAMEMU DUHURAT ” kemti Ayeom Iseyas. This people are part of the problem, therefore can not be part of the solution, it is time we realise this.
    The neglected and abused Moslems, Lowlandrs and other ethnicities and the grievances of those with regionalist sentiments, can not be solved by allowing them to grief in their Ghettos, led by seriously ill so called leaders poisoned by the evil Faschist PFDJ.
    The youth are destroyed and poisoned by the corrupt regime see ” our voice’s social darwinism article”, they can not be healed very easily as the damage is to far gone. And I presume there are many sent by 03 with them, you have to acknowledge that for him those who survive are only cows ready to milk.
    I feel when we say our diversity is our strength and beauty, what is, to me more important than sub politics, that I REALY REALY REALY mean it. If that is the case I don’t see why we can not be united and together gain strength and defeat the “evil Faschist PFDJ”. Why can’t we trust each other and be united through our imperfect Constitution for example, that is the only thing we have at this moment in time, this we owe to our fallen heros and those, who are just about surviving in the eritrean Holocaust.

  • robi September 2, 2015

    Hi asena,anes zblo (Eritrea) malet Emur Edaga enda Asbeza eya,Ezom nkawem zelena kea ab dege ( Jembil asbeza zenteltelina ab hade Edina ena,Etom ab Wushti Hager zelewu kea welahanti asbeza zeyshemetu gn abti Emur Edaga zelewu eyom.hjis Abzi Emur Edaga Asbeza( Eritrea) Hade Seraki atyu( Dictator),emo hji ezi seraki abti Edaga atyu seriku endahademe(Bisha Gold), hahahah kulu seab hazo hazo hazo nbil alen,eti ab diaspora zelo nabriun dekun endamerhe ( hade edu Jembil anteltilu) hahahh beti hade wegen kea nezi seraki ygoyo alo,eti welahade asbeza zeyshemete ( ab Wushti Hager zelo hzbi) kea b wushtu hazo hazo ybil gn kgoyo zeykiel nezi seraki,hahah hjis men eyu ziewet zelo kab kulom enteelina,ezi Seriku zhadim zelo ( Dictator) genzebu hizu yesgro Alo nab sgir bahri, eti hzbi kea Hazo hazo kibil weyo seraki police keyhazo yhadim alo emo kulina b Hansab nezi seraki nguyeyo.Thanks

  • Asghedom September 3, 2015

    hoy Mariam Hagezeni why we are complain about this man. if he is still in power it means most Eritreans like him/ I don’t understand why we have to give every thing to ESYAS there are no Eritreans with him to fulfill his order magnetically

    • Wedizemo baalgrma September 4, 2015

      Disunity is the crux of our problem,which emanates from deep ignorance as to who the enemies are who are openly dividing and putting us against each other along sectarian ways and we them follow dutifully.

      No clever enemy would take as strategy to use his forces to eliminate his enemy if he could flatter him into submission peacefully. This is exactly what our enemies are doing but, preoccuppied slandering each other, we have not been able to wake up on it.

      Another point is some of us have become too dependent on our enemies for our daily sustenance that we cannot dream to split from them. The currently raging contradiction between those who are calling themselves Eritrea for Eritreans by Eritreans vs the enemy dependents is a manifestation of the festering problem.