BY OBO ARADA ABA SHAWL aka WOLDE TEWOLDE AUGUST 13, 2018                                                                                                                                                         Human Arts initially was developed in today’s Eritrea and Ethiopia – in the Afar land. AST represents Arts, Science and Technology. In Ethiopian context, AST


AUGUST 13, 2018                                                                                                                                                        

Human Arts initially was developed in today’s Eritrea and Ethiopia – in the Afar land. AST represents Arts, Science and Technology. In Ethiopian context, AST represents Arusi, Shewa and Tigrai i.e. the land of economy, politics and history respectively.

This human trace is currently being tested by traveling on foot by an American journalist named Paul Salopek and is titled as “out of Eden walk”. Salopek has embarked on retracing the human walk beginning from Afar to reach in Chile’s mountain. His journey was commenced in January 2013 and it will cover 21,000 miles. Interested readers can follow Paul Salopek on National Geography. There is no doubt that Africa was the home of human ancestors and we must go back.

Literally and figuratively, Arts having reached Europe, was transformed into Science and as it reaches the Americas, Arts was finally change into Technology. Technology is the application of Science.

Now, we came full circle to the Afar land. The Afari people who inhabits in Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia are being challenged by AI (artificial intelligence) or robots. The question is ‘what is the role of humans in the DIGITAL age’? I mean the role of Eritreans and Ethiopians. That is the challenging question. Would they embrace the digital age or reject it? As at now, the populace seems to prefer the analogue age. “ስሐቦ-ጎትቶ”  in Tigrigna language or “ይዥህ ነው የምጠፋው” in Amharic parlance.

For geographical and strategic purposes for Science and Technology, both nations cannot be separated. The Blue Nile Basin and the Red Sea Corridor will survive for Millenia undisturbed by anyone, not even by the Super Powers.

The AST solution is relevant here. Arussi, Shewa and Tigrai are humanly demarcated by Eritrean and Ethiopian officials and experts. Three of them are landlocked or they do not have what they call in Tigrigna – ሕጋ/ሕጕ – or in Amharic – ጓሮ –

For his reason, the Tigrians fought militarily with Eritreans at Badme and psychologically with the Gonderians for natural access to the outside world. Zenawi has made sure that Tigrai had access to the Sudan by the blood and sweat of gullible Ethiopians. Meles knew that the national determination of Eritreans was strong and gave up on Assab, access to the Red Sea. He was heavily in favor of Badme war. He was successful maybe because he created it. Time will tell.

The Arussians on their part, have been fighting in terms of access for their produce and religious matters.

Whereas, the Shewans bitterly fought for political power within Addis and its environs.

In other words, the Weyanes or the TPLF, had mobilized its people now and then for historical power, the Arusians are striving to control the economic power as they are endowed with natural resources. Finally, the conglomerate Shewans of all sizes and shapes will fight to the bitter end to control the political power for therein lies the central issue of Ethiopia’s destiny for building up.

The periphery of all nationals, such as the Oromos, the Amharas, the Tigrians including the Eritreans will ultimately succumb to the final frontier of Addis Ababa – the New Flower. It will perpetually renew itself to political power – the building blocks for Ethiopian unity. መዽመር is neither scientific nor digital/technological. It is supposed to be part of Arts and Arts is not precise. For መደመር to function, the other three elements of arithmetic of subtraction, multiplication and division should be included.

As to the Eritrean case of መደመር it is irrelevant at this stage. Two countries should live side by side but recommended to have one economic system. This economic system be it Socialism, Capitalism or any version of them will result in the መደመር category.

As to my writing on this issue, I believe that the solution lies on the trio of history, economy and politics of Ethiopia, Eritrea, or any other Horn of African countries. They all need the AST formula. Without Arts, Science and Technology, not much could be done.

Take for instance, the natural course of the Blue Nile, it is very important for human survival and development whereas the oil pipe line proposed from the port of Assab to the hinterland of Ethiopia would not be as useful as the Blue Nile. There is an alternative human solution to the pipe line but not to the water line.

I don’t see much of the importance of Assab in terms of oil transport. The danger lies in the psychological war of nerves by elites of Ethiopia and Eritrea. I have written my thesis on the Assab refinery and its impact on economy. It is not as glamorous as people claim.

As to the basic solution for all Eritreans and Ethiopians, there is no better solution than thinking in terms of economics, politics and history in reverse order, possibly in TSA modelling. Building Ethiopia is better than breaking it up. In terms of history, Eritrea was pioneer to Ethiopia. Politics is a different category coming after history.

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  • Keshi Mars August 14, 2018

    Hello Assenna,

    I lost my apetite to continue reading this “GuOy Bar Jima kind of article” Sorry Mr AST. You don’t make sense.

    • Michael Tesfamariam August 17, 2018

      Right,,, I said the same when I read the first part of this embarrassing article was published sometime ago. I don’t really understand why would insist to post such complete nonsensical piece. You can’t just afford to publish articles of this kind just to make the writers happy. No content, no structure, no flaw, poor grammar, confusing argument ,just nothing at all.. Better to throw in the bin on your way to the loo.

  • meretse August 15, 2018

    Ok! I admit my assumption was wrong. The turn you made was out of my sight. I was expecting you to write a little bit longer, but somehow u cut it short and left your readers at unknown territory. That said, based on your limited information Ethiopia seems heading to crumbling if not breaking. How about that?

  • meretse August 15, 2018

    Please read crumbling as crumpling

  • Wolde R tewolde August 18, 2018

    As Eritreans, we honestly need, information, knowledge and wisdom not emotions. We have been trying to survive not thriving. Eritreans have been fighting while Ethiopians have been learning. We have to reverse this trend.
    If the commentators think that they can prosper with the breakup of Ethiopia, they are wrong or it is the wrong approach. Ethiopia will definitely will build up with or without Eritrea. There is no question about that for I know too much about Ethiopia than Eritrea. My knowledge of AST indicates that purpose. Cheers deqi Ere!

  • Barazio August 18, 2018

    Dr Abey is planning to impose western style rule to Developing Country just for confusion. His true idea is to squeeze Tigray and createOromo ruled Ethiopia. At first it seems exciting but in a long run it will be a good recipe for a disaster. I think it was not a good idea to release all the prisoners, some were killers and terrorists. Now the honey moon is over, each ethnic group is evaluating what can be gained or lost from this scenario. It is clear Oromos are in top of the chain command. Tigray will survive if only can mange to rekindle its relation with Eritrea. Amhara who seem to be happy that Tigray is trouble should know what is in store for them after Tigray. The game changer can only be strong relation of Tigray and Eritrea. Let not forget how the strongest Military power in Black Africa was decimated by united Eritrean and Tigrian forces. If Tigray perishes so do Eritrea. If we are going to whine on grudges on Woyane did this Shabia did this we will not benefit.