FETSUM: Eritrea’s struggle against Sanction and UNITY

Current development: The isolated and most secretive country has so far dispatched only three press releases this year and here they are: Eritrean Press Releases in 2013 from SHABAIT Monday, 29 April 2013 "Moon of the South", an obscure

Current development: The isolated and most secretive country has so far dispatched only three press releases this year and here they are:
Eritrean Press Releases in 2013 from SHABAIT
Monday, 29 April 2013
“Moon of the South”, an obscure weekly magazine, published excerpts of an interview with Francois Bozize, the deposed President of the Central African Republic in its April 4 edition this month. The reporter a certain Issa Sikiti Da Silva, quotes the former CAR President who stated that “Chad helped Seleka rebels to overthrow” his government.
But then, the reporter gratuitously impugns Eritrea to claim that “the arms used by the Seleka rebels during the final assault on the presidential palace were purchased from Eritrea and transited by Chad with the permission of Deby”. The author does not provide a shred of evidence for his outlandish statement. He simply cites “Le Journal de Brazza” as a source to add: “Eritrea, a rogue state badly hit by EU and US sanctions (sic), has a history of arming African rebel groups, including Somalia’s Al-Shabab”.
Comment: Finger pointing on Eritrea has become common to the international community for anything that goes wrong aroundThis country has done so many illegal things to be taken for granted, for making similar crimes anywhere in the continent. Why get into this cyclic problem to begin with? YOU HARVEST WHAT YOU PLANT by making criminal activities and oppression your signature profile; and you better swallow the accusation without calling foul now for no one would believe you anyway!
Tuesday, 14 May 2013
“Eritrea Rejects Amnesty International’s Wild Accusations
Eritrea rejects in the clearest of terms Amnesty International’s wild accusations that it has “jailed at least 10,000 political-prisoners. Amnesty’s [] political assault on Eritrea is totally unsubstantiated, with the organization unable to back its claims with facts. It is hardly surprising that it admits that it does not “know the exact figure.”
Amnesty claims that the prisoners are kept in “unimaginably atrocious conditions.” Once again this merely reflects its own fanciful flights of imagination and is not based on credible evidence.”
Comment: Eritrea has been accused by many international media for its character. The accusation continues and so does the denial. Eritrea finds AMNESTY’s inability to prove the claim “hardly surprising” but I found its position on this issue overly surprising because it did not allow them to enter the country where the prisoners are located. The tranquilized Eritrean politicians asked for credible evidence on prisoner counts without neutral investigation from outside Eritrea. It denies it had 10,000 prisoners and asks for proof without allowing neutral observers inside the country and giving them access to the relevant sites claimed to be containing the prisoners in “more than 300 prisons in the country”. Many people drink, I just do not know what our leaders are drinking!
Saturday, 06 July 2013
“In line with the longstanding goodwill of the people and Government of Eritrea to witness Egypt and its people assuming their rightful position and role, they have fully demonstrated their genuine support for the transitional forum introduced in that country over the past two years. The Eritrean people and their leadership, beyond fully respecting the choice of the Egyptian people, hope that all interested parties and leaders of the forum would guide the transition in the right direction.”
Comment: You do not represent the people of Eritrea because they did not choose you to be their government, so talk only about yourself on this issue. Yet, it is hard to believe this nation talking about Egyptian democracy in a way that does not explain the message to the point. The worst dictatorship on the planet has the gut to discuss the Egyptian transition to democracy “in defence of the people’s choice” while ignoring all the choices of the thousands of Eritrean demonstrators around the world. The contradiction says that it was against the people’s choice in Kaddafi’s experience.
As you see, the country could no longer write a productive press release that communicates it with us all efficiently 8 months into this year because there is nothing going on in all fields of socio-economic life in Eritrea. No press release is necessary on the country’s income in millions from the mining activities (because it all belongs to the officials). Deception, interference, denial and confrontation have become the regime’s main profession, where it is now considered guilty for every mess not only in our region but on continental dimensions as a result. If you lose something, you first suspect a neighborhood thief for stealing it: this is what the Eritrean government made itself through many continental criminal activities. If you always lie, then anything you say is considered as a lie: no one believes Eritrea for anything because it is a compulsive liar.
THE HOLLAND GOVERNMENT FESITAL: According to “ፈስቲቫል ሆላንድ 2013 – ውልቃዊትዕዝብቲ Two outstanding freedom fighters from the Eritrean government Yemane Monkey and Usman Saleh were special guests and brother USMAN was on the stage moving  in such a way people thought was introducing a new style of dancing for them to learn later that he was actually wobbling on the dance floor because of over drinking The Eritrean Ambassador in Holland was closely monitoring him praying he does not fall in public until the music was over. The courageous Tegadalai Usman, however, made it with a lot of zigzagging and the Ambassador took him home for a nap or probably for more boozing in closed doors. I am not sure if the HIGDEFITES clapped and the women ululated for his amazing survival but Usman appeared out of it the next evening: he was stuttering (kolteftef) on the podium under the pressure of strong hangover for few minutes saying none sense with great difficulty when Monkey saved his behind by taking the microphone to repeat the same stuff he has been taking about for years.
As I discussed it in the past, the Eritrean government has at least three requirements to fulfill in order to get out of the suffocating sanction it openly undermined and begged for in the past: Accepting the Somalian democratic government and detachment from the terrorist Al-Shabab, resolving the BADME stalemate with Ethiopia through dialog and of course allowing the Constitution to run politics in Eritrea.
On Somalia requirement: According to Assenna, the government had recently talked to Qatar where an Eritrean diplomat disclosed that Eritrea now recognizes the Somalian government. This is a paradigm shift (unexpected) folks and a clear indication that Eritrea has felt the consequence of being the only rebel in the world against peace and democracy in Somalia. It was not long time ago that Eritrea press-released stating “Press Statement Monday, 20 August 2012A joke worth denunciation “Enough is Enough!” As of late, rumors have been circulating as regards the so-called election scheduled to take place in Mogadishu. ‘Somalia on the path to democracy’; ‘change would come through democracy’; ‘an election being conducted under better circumstances’; ‘it is an election due to take place at a time when the transitional government is in control of large portion of Somali territory’; ‘Mr. X has been nominated’; ‘Mr. Y would run for the election’; ‘this time is better than the previous one’; ‘and the support of the international community is currently on the rise’; etc. The rumors are boundless; the deliberate means employed to propagate them along with the sophisticated tactics too are drawing attention – all these to the gullible!   bla, bla….“
In contradiction, Eritrea has been forced to contemplate on or change its Somalian Policy as a result of the sanction. The government appears to be ashamed of this flip-flopping after resisting the planet alone for so long. Therefore, diplomacy failed to civilize predictable Eritrea on the Somalian question and a little spanking appears to be working. Interesting is that it is trying to do it secretly without detailing the people on this extremely important political motion, yet without a press release (an appropriate action for a change of foreign policy in this magnitude and political significance). The fact remains that Eritrea has to say it loud through different international media and press-release its new position should it seek forgiveness or acceptance from the international community in this regard instead of playing cat and mouth game with the planet: Chitchatting on Somalia in private dinner with Qatar officials won’t do the job on sanction nor is it sufficient for re-acceptance to the IGAD.
Conclusion: The SOMALIAN GOVERNMNET RECOGNITION requirement stands outstanding and therefore unanswered by the Eritrean government for the country to get out of its sanction-driven confinement.
Desperate Yemane Monkey invents a new concept of CONSTITUTION: Around 230 years after the creation of CONSTITUTION in the US (since Sept. 17, 1787, the era of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin) and that “Today, roughly half the planet lives under democracy of some sort”, the Eritrean regime has invented a more compact version of CONSTITUTION and here is the brief:
Yemane, the head of Eritrea’s POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION has introduced unheard of democratic concept to the already overly unique MANIFESTO of Afwerkism. This is a new invention or unique democratic formula unknown to the universe in the past: it is the most efficient constitution to date because it dwarfs the universal concept by a third of its previous composition.
His theory says that “2/3 of the constitution has been implemented with only 1/3 of it (ELECTION) remaining; thus ERITREA is DEMOCRATIC by default”. The question remains if the brother will ever patent his invention or intellectual property and under what title? Well, time will tell but I think he should do it under the title ‘CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY WITHOUT ELECTION’ or ‘Dictatorial Democracy’.
Unfortunately, there is no democracy without its main component, ELECTION like there is no life without the heart or an atom without a nucleus. The concept of CONSTITUTION is inexistent without ELECTION because it is the main reason that makes a CONSTITION important to society. The essence of democracy and constitutional governance revolve on the fundamental foundation called ELECTION and no political entity can avoid it without DICTATORSHIP. Therefore, there is no constitutional government and a neutral justice system in Eritrea: you can enjoy your extraordinary philosophical achievement in your privacy babysitting your boss for reward on.
Conclusion: neither do the people accept nor can the international community allow the government to get out of the sanction through this very interesting philosophy. Therefore, the SANCTION should continue.
On Peace with neighbors requirement:
Peace with all our neighbors and specially with Ethiopia is necessary for Eritrea’s freedom from the Sanction. Well, the government as you know has refused to take BADME through dialog while at the same time talking to them through third parties in the condition of unanimity. It is “secretly working with ETHIOPIA for normalization of the relationship” according to unconfirmed rumors so that it would stand in the best position to get out of the SANCTION trap. Sorry, this won’t work unless Eritrea officially accepts Dialog to resolve the stalemate: Therefore the Sanction should continue.
Obviously, the Eritrean government has to be challenged on all fronts for the resistance to win the fight but I do not think this is what is going on. It has not been challenged by the all inclusive opposition camp as far as we know because no information has yet been available on their diplomatic counter actions or strategic adjustments to counter balance its diplomatic efforts to get out of the SANCTION (only to my knowledge as I stands happy to be corrected otherwise). In other words, Eritrea is delivering unanswered diplomatic punches against the opposition camp or the Eritrean government is doing its diplomatic work without an obstacle; thus winning the confrontation with the resistance in the diplomatic field: to my assumption, every opposition force has so far been quiet on this important diplomatic components. Yet, the question is if the scattered around opposition forces can separately make a difference trying to challenge the government on these issues. My answer is I do not think so! I challenge any one of them to convince me on this based on material proof. In the flip of the coin, I believe Eritreans would have had a potent collective voice that can be respected and heard internationally had they been TEMPORARILY united in favor of DEMOCRACY.
From the forum
erikid:   “To all my real Eritrean brothers and sisters– this website is a phony fraud. It is operated and paid for by weyane our enemy. See you atalenalki.com, the real Eri website.”
Kabbire: “ erikid, ኣንታ ቆልዓ በጃኻ ሸንካ ደቅስ።”
Comment: The response made me laugh to the point of lunacy; it took me back to the early days of my life when my beautiful Mama used to pick up something for lightly spanking a misbehaving kid (six of us) in the butt in our crowded house. Clearly, the kid is an indoctrinated victim of Afwerkism masterminded by the dedicated Afwerkist called Yemene Monkey. I feel sorry for him and I know he deserves sympathy and love from all of us but I appreciate the artistic talent of Kabbire in disciplining him in such a spontaneously assertive fashion.
MICHAEL : “Dear Writer, as usual very shallow and incoherent article. why don’t you stop writing meaningless articles like this one. you luck substance, coherence and attractiveness in what you write. tell us what you do to contribute to the opposition in addition to writing monotonous articles here”
Comment: Michael sounds like a frustrated Eritrean as a result of the hopelessness created by the government and the opposition forces. He does not know what to do and thus wonders around confused on what to follow. This is the situation of many Eritreans and I do not blame them. We are tired of the cyclic failure in both sides of the relationship (the government and the opposition) and looking for anything exciting that has been missing for a long time from both sides. The government does its things by totally ignoring our existence (absolute dictatorship) and the opposition forces swing us back and forth between hope and despair by totally ignoring our only guarantee for success, UNITY (absolute silence on unity from practical point of view). Therefore, what do you do if you are an Eritrean like Michael? You explode your emotion outwardly. I wish I could do something practical about our condition, dear Michael: The problem is that I am a freelance activist that has no connection with anyone of the political groups and I know none of them wants me around to involve and contribute my spiritual or humanistic share in favor of the resistance only for one important reason: I am a dedicated supporter of unified resistance against the regime without any interest on personal rewards except gratification from justice and democracy in future Eritrea as a result.
I have never been approached to speak out my opinion by any youth organization in the Diaspora except one instance at TESHAMO Pal-talk (please do not take this as arrogance because I know I am an ordinary Eritrean no better than any other citizen, sorry if you do). I, however, believe that I have a clear position on the Eritrean question (TEMPORARY UNITY FOR A TRANSITIONAL GOVERNMENT TO DEMOCRACY) and that I would have served the resistance efficiently, given the chance by the youth leaders strictly as an advisor: but so far in vain! Trust me, things would have been different if genuine Eritreans were given the chance to contribute in the struggle for freedom in Eritrea, but only if confident and honest Eritreans were in the leadership of the youth that believe in participation and political efficiency for democratic Eritrea.
Some people think that I work with other groups in this resistance just because I write articles at ASSENNA: I can only tell you that I wish that was the case. I cannot penetrate the impenetrable circles of dishonest opposition forces to help the situation Michael, I can only write as any isolated activist would do! The reason I am writing monotonously about UNITY is because that is the only way out of dictatorship and chaos.
Netabay: “big brother Fitsum: u r respectful as such. I appreciate your depth and the way you organize and analyze your articles. and I admire the way you are presenting them–making them very interactive. at times I feel as if I know you and talking to u in person: go on becoming more interactive. and I like the way hammer the point-unity. that is what people intended in changing the behavior of others advise us. hammering hammering….”kisab zisiquoro degagimka nigero”. Unity is the only way to reach the right destination. We are not in the age of JEBHA vs. SHAEBIA: that hatred and tension is useless for this generation: just let’s document it as a lesson, to draw wise lessons from it in the future. Whereas for us, the young, disarraying the forces of reform in our country in the name of these two organizations is alien. We do not have emotional and personal ties with it. Melake Tekle is equally important to Wedi Afa to us. We simply know they are martyrs and we equally respect them. Come out of such things….thank u”
Comment: I love you brother for everything you said. I can sense that you said what you felt about me from your inner-self. Although I believe in constant fight against my ego mindfully thinking that I am a dying man that cannot afford to foul play with humanity or spirituality for anything, I tend to be attracted to expressions of true feelings for their emotional purity rather than their glorifying effects. That is where you created the connection between you and me in this spontaneous attachment. I could not help sharing my feeling about the effects of your expression in this mutual experience because it touched me. As you said any Eritrean who served the struggle with the in ELF or the EPLF is equally important to the Eritrean independence. This view is not only of the youth who might never have experienced the struggle but is of all of us Eritreans who respect our martyrs of our liberation struggle. I had written several articles on the points you raised on RECONCILLIATION. Please read them if you have the time by clicking at my picture in ASSENNA so that we can discuss them in the future.
Zaul“ Mr Fetsum, If I have understood you correctly, you are not looking to solve the root cause of our lack of unity. You are saying that there is no other alternative if we are to achieve what we all want, i.e, a constitutional democracy.”
Everyone in the opposition should therefore, irrespective of his/her political inclination work together towards achieving democracy first and not, as it is now, position himself/heself to grab power after the fall of PFDJ. We need to do it in an orderly way to avoid the fate of Somalia.
1.   Unconditional Unity.
2. Plan for a transitional period, set up a transitional commitee lead by people who can not run for any public office in the future.
3. co-ordinate our efforts and resources and topple PFDJ.
4. Redraft/Ammend/implement the constitution.
5. Hold elections after a transitional period of 2-4 years public office if they chose to do so.”
Comment: That is all we have to do to be a democratic society and god bless you brother. This procedure is what has been complicated by our forces without providing any other alternative in the open. This has so far being rejected by some of them without giving us another choice or explanation. So far they are sleeping on this without confidently saying what else they have for us to save our nation from dictatorship. This silence is the cause of any contemplation from the forces of unity and freedom on the opposition based on circumstantial evidence rather than on something concrete and it is rationally justified. The circumstantial evidence states that the divided forces are quite on their strategy: they should come out on the open individually to teach us about their strategy of saving Eritrea from dictatorship. We have several times said our formula for Eritrean democracy on the open and in this forum and we expect them to do the same or at least comment on our proposal!!The only solution to close the misunderstanding gap then stands at the court of the forces that must expose their political positions precisely.
Brother! All the work I have been doing with people like you in the past was to just get into this eloquently summarized input by a brilliant mind like yours. Everything you put in the steps are correct for transiting a society from DICTATORSHIP to DEMOCRAY but the condition (2) can be further reconfigured through discussion and mutual agreement. I think people in said transitional committee should also be allowed to run for public offices if they choose to do so. This, however, is not hard for us to solve because we can take either one of the choices: to me both alternatives would have been acceptable in an honest political environment.
To summarize it, the different parties or forces or individuals in the resistance unite temporarily to form a TRANSIONAL GOVERNMENT, then they diverge out of the temporarily unity after they topple the government together and individually organize during the transitional period for election. Whoever is elected then runs the country until next election depending on agreed upon codes in the constitution of the country. ERITREA WOULD THEN JOIN THE DEMOCRTATIC COMMUNITY OF THE WORLD and the rest of us live in our country peacefully.
In an honest circle between progressive elements of the society this process can be reduced to practice like it did in any other situation like ours (SOMALIA, LIBERIA, GHANA, etc). To be cntinued


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      Well, Mr ZEYKEBTSU or Mr PRETENDER, Fetsum is a real Eritrean. You are a bad actor pretending to be Eritrean. No Eritrean would sleep while his/her people are being extreminated from East Africa. Yes, We real Eritreans, we can’t sleep, while the dictator who is Ethiopian and you PRETENDER/ZOMBIE ARE KILLING OUR PEOPLE. We are going to be awake and vigilant about your actions.

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    wake up sister! what we are discussing it here is not something personal. we are here to curve the trajectory of lose in our country. do you know in this very minute many eritreans are dying and fleeing their home land. do u know there are eritreans who are sailing above the Mediterranean on a risky boat this minute? can you read the GDP and the situation in our country in comparison to our neighbours. speak in numbers plz. forget about all the political issues , cann’t u imagine what is happening back home?

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    Were do we good from here .

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    Very good summery and update of inof.
    About mining in our country, I heard people in Eritrea are afraid to say the word “GOLD”. So to ask for a press release or explanation of the Eritrean peoples’ mining business is not possible. The PFDJ’s leaders and supporters in the diaspora are talking about Gold nonstop. In order to scam them, they tell them about the booming mining business. However, Eritreans in Eritrea are not allowd to talk or ask about it.
    This is a crime.