Fetsum: My subjective view on the Vacarroian philosophy of unification 1

Fetsum: My subjective view on the Vacarroian philosophy of unification 1  ‘Nine members of the Eritrean National Football team, including the head coach Mr Omer Ahmed and team captain Haile Goitom abandon the dictatorial regime in Eritrea

Fetsum: My subjective view on the Vacarroian philosophy of unification 1
 ‘Nine members of the Eritrean National Football team, including the head coach Mr Omer Ahmed and team captain Haile Goitom abandon the dictatorial regime in Eritrea seeking political asylum in Kenya.’
Comment: How many defections does it take for the system to understand that it is no longer welcome by the people to run the country? What should be done by the planet to make the dictator understand that he has to go ASAP? Four national soccer team defections in a row in a short time and this record breaking legacy does not crank the tranquilized mind of the dictator yet. The question is if Eritrea will ever think of another national soccer team hereafter!
If it does, I think Eritrea should make a soccer team out of its ministers and advisors to return home after games. Yemane Charlie and Wedi Efrem are too short for a goalie and the monkey is too paranoid to catch a hard-kicked ball. Wedi Gerahtu can certainly use that head for testata if he still has something left inside to understand his responsibility. Usman the dancer having a problem standing on his feet because of alcohol abuse and Kisha unlikely the right choice because of overweight, one wonders if the president himself should be the next goalkeeper of the national team to avoid another embarrassment in this case.
On the Vacarroian philosophy of unification
As you know, our country tremendously suffered because the regime drained the collective Eritrean intellectual brain and the resistance missed the opportunity of using this potential to the cause. The time has come, however, for this most important element of our society to take charge in leading Eritrea to democracy and peace (whether we like it or not).
The good news says: “Dr. Tewolde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacarro) accompanied by Mr. Michael Ghirmay Andegeorgis of Eritrean Law Society met with United States Department of State Officials on Monday November 19, 2013 in Washington, DC.”
Comment: This is the way to go Folks and this was what the resistance has been missing from the let go. It is only through intellectual driven professionalism not through nationalism and emotional attachment to the past that we can get attention from important politicians around the world. Governments and politicians have no time for disorganized groups that do not meet the standard professional substance and strategy to communicate with. They have criteria (academic and professionalism) that they use as reference elements for communication. They also expect a visionary strategy to give you a chance.
Wedi Vacaro went to them with the two requirements at least partially fulfilled: a qualified professional lawyer brother Michael Ghirmay (from the Eritrean Law Society) who can talk their language and a visionary STRATEGY (Unconditional Unity to demand the president Afwerki’s resignation from power); and the US state department opened the door for him to address his issues.
Vacarro did it again: ዶክቶር ተወልደ ተስፋማርያም (ወዲ ቫካሮብረቡዕ (12/04/2013) ኣብኒውዮርክ ምስ ላዕለዋት ሰብ መዚ ኣብ ቤት ጽሕፈት ሕቡራት መንግስታት ኒው ዮርክ ከይዱ ከምዝተዘራረብተፈሊጡ::
What does this mean? No society can move forward without its educated members and practical strategy at minimum. An educator teaches students on his/her expertise, political scientists and Lawyers best lead a nation politically and diplomatically and applied scientists, Engineers and skilled technocrats help it better in technologically oriented projections. Religious leaders and traditional/cultural values help in their capacities while the military is best run by people educated in the field. Although, leaders can come from other academic backgrounds, they cannot survive without utilizing educated members of their societies according to their academic backgrounds.
Brother Vacarro, however, unfortunately missed the most momentous diplomatic opportunity of meeting international leaders in South Africa (on the Mandela event) in the name of his people with or without the EDA. My follow up article will discuss this in detail including the question it raised in my mind on the INTELLECTUAL QUALITY of his advisors.
My understanding of Vacarro’s unity initiative:
Objective: I have not seen it in writing yet and I hope they will give us something to read about it soon but the Vacarroian philosophy of unity looks like more of moralistic in his view rather than something targeting political power in future Eritrea. Wedi Vacarro has clearly said in his US tour that the objective of his drive was strictly to unify all Eritreans for eventual democratic government in Eritrea. There is no political ambition in this drive and he does not appear to belong to any one of the current political parties and groups in my understanding. In one of his answers to a question concerning the EDA (Eritrean democratic alliance) Vacarro said that he did not consult it about his activity. Clearly, he did not have to and there is no reason for him to have done that ahead of his tour needless to say that his activity was none of EDA’s business (with respect).
I assume that he has a neutral position on all opposition forces and I think this is why the drive has a chance to succeed specially in the condition it clearly articulates its objective to the public as soon as possible and that it uses the cream of the society to accentuate its activities.
The question is if the drive was well organized with clear tactics and strategy ahead of its departure out of its home base in Italy: Here is my thought on this:
Strategy and tactic in view of my understanding
There is a strong sign of confusion that can potentially divide the Eritreans because of the void created in the Vacarro movement in the areas of literature. As good as it is, it lacks clarity: Wedi Vacarro should as soon as possible prepare his program and immediately make it available on line for us all to understand what is going on. He should clarify his tactics and strategy in writing ASAP because there is no material on this to date for one to precisely understand what it is all about.
For now, it looks having the following strategy and tactic
Strategy: To change the government in Eritrea
Tactic: By means of unified action: To this effect, Wedi Vacarro said that he wants to make Eritreans collectively demand the dictator’s resignation behind international support. I think this specification is very important for us all to understand because I believe it represents the fundamental foundation of his philosophy.
Narrative: To have a collective national voice in favor of the Eritrean dictator’s resignation:
In my opinion, this brilliant idea is original and the inventor deserves a lot of respect from all of us. It is a peaceful movement without restriction to any other means of challenging the disgusting Eritrean regime.The strategy in my understanding comprises the following important implication: It is not by any means a political party or entity aiming to replace any one of the opposition forces for future power grab in Eritrea. Therefore, all opposition forces have nothing to be threatened about and all of them should accept it as a potent energy to their struggle for freedom and democracy in Eritrea.In the flip of the coin, all Eritreans whether disappointed by the opposition forces or not should be careful not to antagonize with any group in the resistance. Leave the parties and groups alone and try to attract them rather than repel them because they collectively are a very important element of our struggle for peace and democracy in Eritrea.The target here must be maximizing the NUMBER of Eritreans supporting this drive. The involvement of Eritreans from all schools of thought is then necessary for success meaning that all Eritreans should be individually welcomed to join the drive irrespective of political affiliation to any one of the opposition forces. Wedi Vacarro did the right thing leaving the committee-organizing procedure for the respective communities to mange in almost all his US tours. He had no directives or instructions in so far as the qualifications for committee membership were concerned. As a result, it was open for any interested Eritrean to join the committees. In DC for example, one was controversially formed by independent minded and politically affiliated individuals. I do believe that DC could have elected more qualified individuals to be more effective but the fact remains that the hardest working individuals are now in the committee. The situation has for the first time in the resistance created a good environment for independent minded and politically affiliated individuals to work together for unity and this is wonderful.There is a lot of hard work ahead for these dedicated members of our community and they have many ways they can get help from qualified Eritreans in the metropolitan area if they decide to do so. We will see how effectively they utilize the available resources (artists, intellectuals, the youth, elders, churches and mosques, etc) towards UNITY and I wish them good luck. At minimum though, we expect work to be done one way or another in the following areas:
a) Organizing debates between Eritrean intellectuals to upgrade the consciousness of the community
b) Trying to organize people according to their education and profession
c) Periodically informing us about their activities at least once a month through all available media (opposition websites, etc)d) Organizing fundraising events and artistic events to give our community alternative entertainment venues to that of the regime.e) To never expect direction from Vacarro for action. The committee should be creative enough to do things independently for the community.f) It has to have close contact with other committee members in the country and beyond and reveal the activities promptly without distortion. The theme by which the committees will work for unity should be identical to avoid misunderstanding in between. g) The committee members must realize their responsibilities and perform accordingly to attract more people into the movement. No excuses for inactivity here because they have willingly accepted their election to relentlessly serve the community and they must do it.h) Most importantly, the committee should organize an independent advising committee from the educated members of the community to consult on relevant issues beyond its control.
With all this reminders in mind, the DC community should unconditionally support the committee and we hope to see this in the near future. The brothers and sisters in the committee have been working harder than most of us for change in Eritrea and they deserve respect, love, and full cooperation from us all.
Vacarro’s missing link and RADICALISM
It seems like some Eritreans understand Vacarro’s initiative as an exclusive move that does not include or that disqualifies the opposition forces while some others take it as a substitute political movement to all opposition forces in the resistance. Lack of literature on the Vacorrian philosophy of unification is the cause of this confusion in my grasp. This confusion has caused some sort of RADICALISM within the resistance to my observation: some Eritreans are showing the tendency to reject the opposition parties and groups in favor of the drive completely missing the point and indirectly working against it. I warn everyone to work hard against this dangerous and destructive misconception to save the movement.
Remember that the initiative aims at integrating everyone into a common resistance to get rid of the regime. This position equally acknowledges and respects the existing opposition forces without considering anyone of them as mandated by the people they claim to represent. I believe this is the correct way of handling the situation for unity is not achievable by means of excluding the opposition forces that have been fighting the regime individually for a long time. This idea will divide Eritreans and can only cause disaster in our society.
see you soon


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  • wedi mekonnen December 15, 2013

    Is there anyone who believes that the “non-Eritrean” PFDJ would be democratic if it was in the country “where it belongs”? During the Federation years did any “Eritrean” care for Eritrea more than the Axumite Weldeab Weldemariam? Did any one except TPLF stood by the side of the Eritrean people during the tough armed struggle years? So is the problem blood or attitude? Is there any labaratory wedi vacaro can import from Italy to distingush pure Eritrean blood from impure one? Folks let the regime be challenged for its deed than for who has what % Eritrean blood in the 0-100% scale as this will only complicate matters in and outside Eritrea than it does any good.

  • belay nega December 17, 2013

    Dear Mighty

    “Ato Belay,
    You know a lot of stuff”

    Knowing about the [ሜስ] sisters for an asmarino,is like knowing about the Koke brothers to an American.I mean is not a big deal.