If I was President of Eritrea for a day

If I was President of Eritrea for a day Let me ask you this If you were President for a day, what would you do? If I was President of Eritrea for a day I would have

If I was President of Eritrea for a day

Let me ask you this If you were President for a day, what would you do?

If I was President of Eritrea for a day I would have done this:

  • First thing in the morning I would have set free all prisoners of conscience or any one imprisoned illegally. Then I would have apologies and beg for their forgiveness on behalf of the nation for all the highest degree of injustice they suffered all those years
  • Then bring all perpetrators to face justice in the courts.
  • Compensate and help the victims to recover quicker
  • Call the entire nation for an all-inclusive national dialog for truth, reconciliation
  • Implement the national Constitution and Declare Eritrea a free Republic that respects and upholds the rights of all Eritreans citizens
  • Conduct free and fair election
  • Build strong national institutions that protects freedom and democracy
  • End all types of forced servitude
  • Make peace with all nations of the world who want the same mutual peace and cooperation
  • Declare war on our number one enemy corruption and hunger
  • Make education and health care an absolute top priorities
  • Encourage and support business and hardworking job creators
  • Create a social welfare system so that people on poverty are not left alone to face poverty hardship alone.
  • Create a system that insures balanced distribution of investment and wealth to all corners of the country. No region should be left behind.
  • Create a well-funded national defence force to defend our national interests as well as off course the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Eritrea
  • Defend Women equality for the same right, respect and dignity as men
  • Promote for peace, harmony, tolerance and order

If I was President of Eritrea for a day that is what I would have done, and on the second day I probably would have rested have some beer and wine with loved ones and marvel at the bright future ahead for Eritrea.

Unfortunately we have no elected, people fearing president but a despotic tyrant who is on power frankly by his own power and abilities. He is not responsible nor is accountable to anyone but himself. So we cannot really expect him to do what we the people want. As far as Isaias Afwerki is concerned he is running his own state NOT a Peoples’ Republic. Until the person of Eritrea rise up and overthrows this despot there will be no real reform.

Feel free to add your ideas to the above list. If you were President of Eritrea for a day, what would you do?


Philmon Habtom


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  • Hagherawi September 28, 2014

    ““But you also have to remember that most people here have lived under the reign of occupier after occupier and never had a truly democratic government. So they really don’t know better.”

    David Cohen (from the “Last Eritrean Jews guard heritage”)

  • ERITRAWIT September 28, 2014

    You listed all God bless you.

  • Yohannes September 28, 2014

    philmon Habte.

    Eritrea and all African countries are invented countries, most of the time these countries are not homogenous historical and tribally. Foreigners have made and tress a sketch according the explorers and other information’s.
    several African countries are not formed with the will of the habitants and residents of that area or historical analysis.
    let take Eritrea itself. First of all the name given to it is not given by the resident but by strangers for their own benefit and reason.
    before the Italian arrival in this area , the country was completely divided and the people was so different between each other. you can see their maturity of a country is zero. the Italians have not spend a lot of force to conquer and dominate the area very easily , they have several collaborators from all the rebels against the internal regime .
    Foreigners in the actual area of Eritrea have never got any resistance to occupy them was very cheap. the Egyptians was in the low land of Eritrea and after the Italians in high land of Eritrea. the combinations of Tigrians of Eritrea and of Tigray have done great history by dismissing the Egyptians from the Low land of Eritrea until Kassala actually included in Sudan.
    I am writing because it is history , after king yohannes died , the tigrians lost their dignity and part of their land has been included in the actually Eritrea.
    the hostile government of Ethiopia Menelike was favorable to these division against the Tigrians , if it was not for his wife of Menelik even tigray should be included to the Italian dominium .
    the battle of Adwa where the Ethiopians are proud of it is the scarification of all tigrians.
    off course around 5000 Eritreans from Kabasa has participated in this war to support the Italians and has been punished by the defender of the country.
    I don’t know , the high landers or the Eritrean themselves it look like they where happy under the Italian dominium. I have never heard a lot of protests against the Italian rule
    Now I would come to your idea , if you became only one day the president these country you have detailed several items, but you forget one and important issue
    conciliation between nations of the same area like Ethiopia , Sudan, Somalia Djibouti and Yemen before all nations because willingly or not we have done several damages to this nations .
    first of all consolation with your neighbors is very important otherwise it is usless to be a country.
    Eritreans should stop to reason like a child of yesterday and no one will tolerate any more their stupidity and irrationality .
    Eritreans define themselves irrationally and they create confusion and antipathy with people and notions they love them.
    Eritrean can be good friends with the people of Sudan, of Ethiopia , of Djibouti and all its neighbors.
    For me you have forgotten this important issue of conciliation with neighboring countries and people.

  • Kiflom September 28, 2014

    I Don’t dare to ‘bring all perpetrators to face justice’ , I would rather preach the people to forgive each other and start life. Otherwise, going into every crime that has been committed during this regime will simply consume our time and energy as it’s too much to handle. So lets think about forgiveness, that’s a proven way of reconciliation and peace. Apart of this, I agree in all the other wish-list. Nisika kea mis deyebka dea miwrad key teabiyena ember?

    • Massawa September 28, 2014

      “I Don’t dare to ‘bring all perpetrators to face justice’ , I would rather preach the people to forgive each other and start life. Otherwise, going into “crime that has been committed during this regime will simply consume our time and energy as it’s too much to handle. So lets think about forgiveness, that’s a proven way of reconciliation and peace.”


      There is no way to bring peace to people unless justice is done. Failing to do so will bring only revenge killings, which is the worst thing that can happen in a country. When you see someone on the road who has killed your brother or sexually abused your sister and killed her you will never think of forgiving him, you cannot control your emotions. To avoid more killings justice is the right way to heal a nation’s deep wounds.
      It may take long but it’s the right thing to do, it’s the less damaging road to go, else it’s hell.

  • Truly Truly i say to you September 28, 2014

    First, Ayte Yoohannes, keep it up your nonsense, tell tell fake i couldn´t say history, but narrating to yourself.
    Now back to the relevant topic. Allow me Ato Ukbay to share your views and i say too, “thank you Mr.Philmon for saying that that is the right thing to do to save our nation Eritrea. If you can do like your promise I grant you my vote. I don\t have to run for president. You are my president. I will go to my beloved home Eritrea and thank God the AlMIGHTY. I let you have a few beer,but don\t be like the crazy one. And I will enjoy my \Hitmo Suway\ in Qahaine Aday.Thank you for making me smile for a while and we all wish you the best that your wish be true. ” Saying that,-

    If it is your presidency Philmon, if i won favour to be your political advisor, allow me to consult you this famous biblical history, ” as you may know the story King Soul who was the first King Of Israel, (who started by God´s spirit but who ended his legacy by flash, in a way Sadam Husein and Gadafi finally terribly executed together with his son Jonathan, because was making self god; i hope our self elect president by making self God who executing men of God´s as King Soul done; his final fate if not worst by no means better as would be from the fate of his comrade Gadafi by confirming you, your presidency after King Soul executed the anointed the second King of Israel, King David as soon as hold power after consulted with all officers in command, then as he announced to all his people in assemble this, ” LET`S GO AND GET GOD`S COVENANT BOX; WHICH WAS IGNORED WHILE SAUL WAS KING:” ( read 1st Chronicles 13; 3)
    If it is please Your excellency Mr. President Philimon to grant my humble request, my wish is that our nation may heal from all wound and starts bless as King David prioritize God´s wisdom your presidency too, to proclaim to all our people be Christians and Muslims, “Let´s go and get God´s covenant box; which was ignored while Isyas Afeworki was self appointed president.” Then you will see how in our nation flow blessing, be it morally and economically in all sectors. God´s will.

    • Tamrat Tamrat September 29, 2014

      With Your meaningless mixing of Your religion With politics is not only an embarassment for christians but an insult of 50% of eritreans.

  • Semhar September 29, 2014

    If I was President of Eritrea for a day;
    I would form a government for the people by the people and to the people. I would have a nation with the highest standard of equality, freedom, justice and liberty.
    I would draft and implement constitution.
    I would implement Highi Indaba. I would make sure all Eritreans in their fathers’ village would have a free land for farming and for building their house.
    I would conduct free and fair election allover Eritrea.
    I would end all types of forced servitude.
    I would set free all political prisoners.
    I would bring all the perpetrators to justice.
    I would through his burned flag and implement our original liberation flag, the flag of our forefathers, the flag of our martyrs.
    I would liberate our land and our people.
    I would let all provinces to govern them selves.
    I would let freedom ring in Akeleguzay!
    I would let freedom ring in Barka!
    I would let freedom ring in Denkel!
    I would let freedom ring in Hamassien!
    I would let freedom ring in Sahil!
    I would let freedom ring in Semhar!
    I would let freedom ring in Senhit!
    I would let freedom ring in Seraye!
    Our original Eritrean Liberation Flag, our martyrs flag, the flag of our forefathers, the flag that represent all our provinces and our nationalities will be allover Eritrea and allover the world and at the United Nations!

  • Peter September 29, 2014

    to be president of Eritrea is nightmare. First can you run a government without revenue. and we have a union of nationalities made of a clay at a drop of rain it disintegrates. you just pray something good will come out of all this.

    • selamawit2 September 29, 2014

      Peter, let us be honest and finish your thought:
      “we have a union of nationalities made of a clay…” in every african country, also in most asian countries etc…
      In this point Eritrea is not different to other east african countries. (I asume you don’t mean “nationalities” literally)

      “…pray something good will come out of all this”: your prayers are are not very specific – but better general prayers than no prayers.

  • Abraham Hanibal September 29, 2014

    If I were the President of Eritrea:

    *I would organise a national reconciliation Conference for all Eritrean political forces after the Liberation in 1991.

    *I would form a transitional government that included all political powers after the independence of Eritrea.

    *I would completely exhaust all options before going to conflict with neighboring countries. I would consult the AU and UN and other Third parties to express my views and seek solutions regarding any conflicts with neighbouring countries. I would only use force as a last resort to defend my people and sovereignty. And I would never fire the first bullet.

    *I would work hard to establish good relations with neighbouring countries, and all other countries.

    *Immediately after the Constitution was ratified in 1997; I would have started the process of working on laws of party formation and election laws.

    *I would make sure the party formation laws not to be based on ethnic groups or religion, but on socio-economic policies, foreign relations policies, monetary policies, defence policies, etc. of the political parties.

    *I would ensure that local adminstrations get more decision making powers, and pave the way for the participation of all ethnic groups in the local adminstrations.

    *I would form a government body that would have the responsiblity of assisting the families of Our fallen martyrs, our disabled and other more disadvantaged citizens.

    *I would work for equitable development of all regions in Eritrea.

    *I would encourage and drive active participation of women in all aspects of life.

    *I would form a more transparent, respectful, and accountable public service with least possible corruption.

    *After political parties were formed through the party formation law, I would hold national elections.

    *I would respect all human rights of Eritreans, including freedom of faith, speech, writing and organization.

    *I would work hard to give children an education in their mother tongue, at least in the primary school.

    *I would work hard to develop universities and other institutions of higher studies in collaboration with foreigners and Eritrean nationals who have the capacity to help.

    *I would work tirelesly to find a solution to the energy problems of our country in collaboration with neiboring countries and international actors. I believe the energy sector is the backbone for any economic development. To this effect, I would strive to develop renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy. And in the long run I would seek an international help to develop the geothermal energy potential of Eritrea.

    *I would ensure the judicial sector is free and independent from government interference.

    *I would be guided by the principle “any person is innocent unless found guilty by a free and independent court of law”.

    *I would devise a conducive and attractive atmosphere for investment in Eritrea. Both Eritreans and foreigners would be encouraged to invest in all aspects of the economy.

    *I would respect the time frame of the national service.

    *I would follow the principle of free competition in the market; with some regulatory measures by the government to protect the people’s interests. The participation of the government in the market would be limited.

    As you can see the list is quite long, and I am sure that any one of you could come with more ideas. What we Eritreans need to do is, therefore, unite together in the fight against Isayas’ FPDJ dictatorship. Because if we do not stand up to the PFDJ domination, our dreams would never be realised. All of us who are in the opposition groups should try to come together and form a unified front based on what we already agree about-the removal of dictatorship. We should try to come up with clear, nation-wide policies that encourage the Eritrean People to see that there is a real and much better alternative to the PFDJ rule.

  • Tsehaye September 29, 2014


    If God takes a whole week to create the planet earth and all the things that the planet supports, I am not sure if your presidency’s goal is achievable in a day. Some Eritreans may call it “Hlmi dorho” or a the famous Hen’s dream. If to err is human, to dream is also human. So I have no objection to the wish list you have come with. One particular thing that caught my eyes, though, is the “Compensate and help the victims to recover quicker.” Who are the victims that you have in your mind and they have to be compensated? Is your “presidency” going to compensate the Eritrean peasants who lost their kids, their livestock, their farmlands and their homes as a result of the barbaric ghedli? Is your presidency going to bring the criminals of ghedli to a court, many of whom are now members and supporters of the opposition movements?

    Eritrea is a land of the victims and the victimizers. I am not sure if your presidency will last for one hour after it has been sworn to run the country. You cannot run the country without fully knowing and appreciating the Eritrean peasants’ land. The course “Zramo Hagerka 101” may be a prerequisite to being a good and an effective president.

  • Massawa September 29, 2014

    ” Is your “presidency” going to compensate the Eritrean peasants who lost their kids, their livestock, their farmlands and their homes as a result of the barbaric ghedli? Is your presidency going to bring the criminals of ghedli to a court, many of whom are now members and supporters of the opposition movements?”

    Tsehaye aka Komishtato, Abashawl, Keren, Wedi Komarit ..etc

    Stopping spreading hopelessness !!
    Ghedli is not about “beles” … mind your business.