Melancholic drama or demonic reality?

According to Doctor Daniel R. Mekonnen, a former judge in Asmara, currently a Lawyer representing us in the ongoing effort of the Commission of Inquire on crimes against humanity, Eritrea had 8978 (with a little

According to Doctor Daniel R. Mekonnen, a former judge in Asmara, currently a Lawyer representing us in the ongoing effort of the Commission of Inquire on crimes against humanity, Eritrea had 8978 (with a little margin of error) jailed people without KISSI (case) under different authorities and the POLICE. The figure does not include the thousands of prisoners caged in the wide spread prison enterprise of the regime (ADIABEYTO, ERAERO, etc.). There were at least 20,000 prisoners overall in 2001, the Doctor testified, you can imagine how many more have been locked up since then.

People encounter different things and happenstances in this mysterious life. Back in the days, a Nigerian traveler was once caught in southern Ethiopia with many other Ethiopians to be used in the fight against EPLF. He could not convince the authorities that he was a foreigner as they thought he was one of the ethnic groups in that area and beat him up to shut up and passively face the predicament. His militia-crew arrived in Eritrea and thrown into a battle against our Tegadelti where he was caught alive with his few circumstantial comrades that surrendered in that battle. The rest is history!

We travel without the knowledge of what may happen to us minute to minute in the journey without a destination. Some of us finish the limit of existence relatively safer and some of us face unusual things, tragedies, accidents, success and failure and continue into the next piece of life with the derivative state of mind. Some of us tragically pass away in catastrophic surprises in the seas and deserts but some of us perish under the verdict of the devil before we have a chance to assess the meaning of our being and substance to society.

In this unfair and complicated existence the success achieved through extreme determination and sacrifice ended up becoming the dilemma of extreme suffering that consumes the unfortunate lives in the trap. Activist-Artist Kiros Asfaha expresses the youth’s experience of humiliation in twenty years of Agelglot that he spent going from jail to jail and doing nothing productive as “MINBAR ZITEKELKELE HIZBI” Who can sustain the cost of being a human being without death, the ultimate goal of life that we are all destined to enjoy at the tail end of it?

It was when the Badme war was on the ground and the Eritreans and the Ethiopians, the Tigreans in particular were politically tuned to destroy each other in one of the darkest moments of our societies. I scuffled it as usual in defense of Eritrea using my ego as the best guideline of my life of the time; naively trusting the President’s position to have been noticed by the Ethiopians as a target enemy of their vengeance. They threw the dice and stroke a deal making me a victim of false accusation of rape induced premeditated elimination using a cone artist I knew of having been from my community way back in Makalle, Ethiopia. I survived the price of my Eritrawinet facing the most challenging personal crisis of my life one terrible day in the last week of that September that completely changed my life towards humility as I told it out in my book “From Feminist to Rapist”. It was while living that life in the cliff that I wrote a song saying;

Here I am; Here I am

Suffering for a long time

That Satanic fluke in September

Vicious betrayal I hate to remember

Everything turned upside down

Sad existence of a despaired man

Pushed to the limit life in a shadow

That fictitious charge was too bitter to swallow

Many Septembers passed since then. The consequence of Eritrawinet kept on coming in different forms of emotion, ways of betrayal and humiliation. Each dilemma passed inflicting its exclusive psychological damage for another to follow and phase away wreaking its exclusive own in the extraordinary and eventful life of the Eritrean people.

I cannot compare the suffering of our society in segmentation but every piece of them has individually affected me one way or another though I cannot identify the individual damages beyond consciously or unconsciously living their cumulative effect on my personality. I, however, declare that Eritrean is the identity of severely devastated people, all inclusive.

In this excruciating journey as a member of the society, I lived surprised by the reactions of the president to multiple tragedies of the Eritrean people. His denial of disposing Naizghi Kiflu’s remains in Eritrea soon after the world saw the unimaginable end of Kaddafi, however, hit me as one of the hardest episodes of my own actuality in view of spirituality. One cannot do this without the subtle consciousness of competition with God!

Yet, it happened to be in the early days of this September 2015, that I came across an experience that completely changed my life towards another level of humility. I once again changed in a way I cannot explain through the traumatizing effect I suffered as a consequence of my Eritrawinet on what happened to our society 14 years ago in September 18. Recalling how civilized our struggle used to treat prisoners of war my mind could not process the vindictive mind of the dictator in this episode.

I declare I am never the same any more after my exposure to Voice of Assenna: Testimony of Fmr member of military intelligence, Mr Michael Araya, about G15′s detention in Embatkala. I just cannot either grasp or imagine that a human being can do something like this without provocation beyond the group’s request for a meeting. I had to meditate taking the sections in part to feel the inhumanity they were reduced into, to feel the darkness, loneliness, isolation in a closed room smelling that filth all the way through. I knew they severely were; but never thought that they were paying the consequence of their Eritrawinet the way I learned from Brother Michael with paradigm shifting modesty.

I suffered the imagination of dropping the pants

rest-rooming on that bazzo chained in the hands

finishing with the waste sleeping with the rest

and dining in that room sitting on the concrete

The chained hands moving up and down! The sweats, the germs, the bacteria, the terrible odor and wetness in the pants, the urge to scratch every part of the body using the feet, the back, the head and the shoulders against the walls; rolling on the concrete to reach every spot of feel in the body; in that extraordinary destiny! C’mon man! You better had finished them off the day you owned their lives!

I felt sorry I was a human being; it hit me so hard that I have been grieving the tragedy in my loneliness yet I could not recover. An Ethiopian friend noticed my situation and asked what was going on! I shared what I heard happened to them and we went on talking about the matter for hours ending up going to bed to only meet the next afternoon again. I saw him stressed out with the situation telling me that he could not sleep that night suffering the longest insomnia of his life thinking about the condition of the unfortunate circumstantial victims of the devil. He testified that he was traumatized forever like in no other tragic episodes in the past. We ended up comforting and exchanging condolence to each other.

It is not that they were jailed for ever that was surprising in this extra ordinary moral decadence, God willing they are dead by now, but the way they were trashed and conditioned to live the sadistic verdict without a cause. Totally lost by the graphic story, we could not arrive at a psychological, sociological, philosophical or political conclusion on the offense for it was too complex to be described by commonsense. It was incomprehensible!

We concluded that Mr. Afwerki was irreparably sick beyond the excellence of medical science. I have said this time and again but I am not saying it this time from my old state of understanding his exceptional psychic condition. I am saying it from a state of mind that has changed forever towards extreme humility on the question of humanity. I had never seen this man after all from this height of consciousness beyond living his damage thinking he was a brutal and vindictive dictator. But not anymore!

All the emotions associated with all the mistakes would have torn this man alive at organic level of the relationship has he been normal but nothing to that effect because he is too clinically sick to have feelings beyond the depth of his immediate needs

Mr. Afwerki is a dysfunctional entity at demonic spiritual point of the veracity, a possessed servant of the devil that executes his purpose of life through direct contact with his super natural force, the Satan. Mr. Afwerki is a member of our society from the angle of fictitious image but not reality: he is an object that looks like us assigned by the devil to inflict extreme suffering in our society; an evil spirit within the flesh of a human being. A man too possessed by the Satan to understand the stake on the ground. Isaias is a negative spiritual force that possessed his officials to only execute Satan’s orders through his chain of command, a psychopath that used fear and corruption to suck the component of love out of their system.

I forward my condolence to the Eritrean people on the recent discovery pertaining the condition of the former leaders and more under the extremely brutal verdict of the regime. I pass my condolence to the immediate families of the victims of injustice in this predicament. I hope one day soon, the Eritrean people will see freedom and peace through unified resistance against the evil forces in our society.

Review overview
  • AHMED SALEH !!! September 7, 2015

    To follow reality of Eritrean lives inside the country is sickening . Reflection of
    that haunting testimony about how they treat every opponent in prison make you feel ashamed to call yourself proud Eritrean in this circumstances .
    For heaven sake , they can’t show a little
    remorse . How people accustomed to accept
    cruelty , inhumane practice raise serious
    question .
    Obviously , we became disconnected society
    to bring our own demise in this world .

  • Wedizemo baalgrma September 7, 2015

    Eritrean identity should be celebrated despite the tragic situation we are passing through, which I am definitely certain we will overcome as we did overcome many intrigues in the past. If there is any attempt by some mischievous people to link our current crisis with our identity, we must rebuff them by reaffirming our Eritrawnet many times over. The author of our crisis and its executioner is none other than Isaias Afewerki in collaboration with Woyane. Let the handing of Badme to Woyane serve us as a proof of his perfidity.

  • k.tewolde September 7, 2015

    Amen! If the fate of humanity was in the hands of individuals like this demonic tyrant , we would have been doomed already. Fortunately , that is not the case. The Lord is watching , He will sort it out , his own way , at his own time. We just need to put our share of fight.

  • Duri Mohammed September 8, 2015

    As a student of politics and international relations , I see that nothing can remove the Devil from his power. Isayas has to go should be accompanied by a concerted armed struggle to trash him into the deepest pit of history.
    But I see Eritreans including me resort on talking matters rather than walking on the talk. lets go to the field and confront his thugs. We are expecting to manna from the sky! Particularly those with military experience should lead the way. Enough of the talk. Lets face it . That is the only way we can get rid of the devil, the Pinochet of our time, who has killed not hundreds of thousands of our young people but has destroyed whole of our next generation.He shouldn’t be allowed to live a second. Lets move our ass. Now is the time!

    • Haregeweyini September 8, 2015

      Our poor Eritrea desperately and urgently needs a trustworthy organization or a leader like Moses of Israel or TPLF of Tigray who saved their desperate people from further humiliation and elimination at their enemy hands.
      Now, where to get these unique and extraordinary leaders and organizations are the one million question but they won’t come on just wishful thinking or planning. As they say talk is cheap but we need big far-sighted people not just big talk or big writers people to get Eritrea out of the disasters.

  • Habte September 8, 2015

    Duri Mohammed,

    “Isayas has to go should be accompanied by a concerted armed struggle to trash him into the deepest pit of history.”
    ኩላትና ኤርትራውያን በዚ ዕቡድ ከምልቢ’ዚ ዝወርደና ዘሎ ግፍዒ ብዝግባእ ተረዲእና ወሪዱና ዘሎ መዓት ክንኣምነሉን ክንቅበሎን ኣይከኣልናን። ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከምዚ ዶ ይግብኦ’ዩ? ክንብል ጥራይ ወዲ መድህን በራድ ሃገርን ህዝብን ለኪምዎ ጠፊኡ ኣብ ጸድፊ እንዳከራረና እህህህ. . . ክንብል ጥራይ ጽንተት ህዝቢ ክኣ ብቕልጡፍ ናህሪ ይሕምበብ ኣሎ።
    ስለዚ ከምዚ Duri Mohammed ዝበሎ፡ በቲ ንሱ ዝርድኦ ቋንቋ ናይ ብረታዊ ሓይሊ ምግጣሙ ጥራይ’ዩ መፍትሒኡ። መን’ሞ ይምርሓዮ ነዚ ህዝቢ’ዩ እቲ ሕቶ?

  • A H September 8, 2015

    Nice to read your anger through the wonderful language you have, the fantastic thoughts. Please, keep lashing on the demon until he shoots himself as we gone out of ammunition, my dear Brother Futsum. ከይንልቃሕ ዋጢጥ በዚሑዎ!!!!!!
    ቲዘለናውን ከይነልዕሎ ከቢዱና፡ ጾር ህዝቢ ከምዘፍኩሶ ረሲዕናዮ’ስ ገጎይና ናብ ሸለውታ ንዕዘር ኣሎና። ንምሸቱ የጸብቆ’ዩ ዘብል!!!!!!!!!
    Brother Abraham

  • Simon G. September 8, 2015

    You have been through many difficulties, brother Fitsum. It is so sad to hear that and I am afraid that it is becoming common occurrence in Eritrea these days.
    Have you ever thought different way about this statement that you have made by any chance?
    [ Recalling how civilized our struggle used to treat prisoners of war my mind could not process the vindictive mind of the dictator in this episode]
    Even though this is true statement, but that fair treatment of prisoners was to enemy soldiers, not to Eritrean prisoners. I am sure you remember Halewa Sewra. Do I need to say more?

    • fetsum abraham September 8, 2015

      yes simon g, i mean we were civilized enough treating z pow good but we cant trear ours as fair as zat? z enemy came to kill us but we gave zem mercy but what did zis people do to deserve all these? yet i am not saying zey did not err during z struggle, halewa sewra, etc.