Swiss: Eritreans fought one another instead of celebrating – 9 injured

Hundreds of Eritreans gathered on Saturday night to a party in the town hall Dietikon. When a group of strangers to hard dazustiess, there were wild brawls. Nine people were injured, several arrested. Several fights in

Hundreds of Eritreans gathered on Saturday night to a party in the town hall Dietikon. When a group of strangers to hard dazustiess, there were wild brawls. Nine people were injured, several arrested.

Several fights in Dietikon and a large deployment of Zurich cantonal police – as the organizer of a festival Eritrea have not presented their cause. Hundreds of visitors were expected on Saturday night at the Stadthalle Dietikon. Many festival-goers were already in place shortly after 18 clock when another group of strangers joined to.

A short time later it came between the fixed and participants of this group to a brawl that resulted in several injuries. When the Canton police intervened, some people fled towards the city center Dietikon where it was then in different places at other fights. The police, who had been with a bigger squad in action, had to summon up more patrols to bring the situation under control. Nine injured persons were rushed to nearby hospitals. In addition, the police arrested several parties and handed over to the prosecutor.

The background to the conflict are at the moment not yet known how the Zurich cantonal police announced. The ceremony was then restarted, but the police kept the environment in mind all night.
As a spokesman for the State Police said the surveys are not yet complete. One can therefore not give any information about the background of the attack. But be sure that a racially motivated attack could be excluded.

«Eritrean thugs financed from Ethiopia»

According to an eyewitness, there were Eritreans who were at each other mutually. Not an isolated case: Time and again in Switzerland skirmishes between pro-government and anti-government groups. The SRF reported in 2012 even by government spies disguised as asylum seekers who collect protection money from local Eritreans. According to Toni Locher, Honorary Consul of Eritrea, it should be the perpetrators of Dietikon an Eritrean thugs who would be financed from Ethiopia. “Since 2008, this group attempted to disrupt all major Eritrean events in Switzerland,” says Locher, who was also on site. “They attacked even women and children.”

Also when Dietikon station there were several skirmishes, in which Eritreans were involved. (Picture: 20 minutes / reader-reporter)

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  • real eritrean said June 3, 2013

    The Eritrean Independence came with two faces of a coin. One face of the coin, you see Eritrean people enjoying May 24 as the day that their centuries of colonization ended and bright future started. Under independence they look to the sky they see the sun, the cloud and rain instead of Mig Fighters dropping bombs, in their homes, their farms, their cattle spreading fire and smoke all over the country. Under independence they have schools for their children, roads to visit their villages in a matter of hours instead of days, they drink clean water and have health care, and they live longer. Those who were forced to leave their country they can go back home visit their relatives without fear and can walk or dance on the streets. The other side of the coin, May 24 is a day of sorrow to all those who were collaborating with the enemies of Eritreans. Their privileged status ended and they are forced to leave the country and have to experience life in exile, and they don’t enjoy it, they want to go back and rule again and for that to happen they have to fabricate lies against the country and the leaders. They shout loud in the street of foreign cities, dreaming to reverse the independence of Eritrea. They experience depression on May 24, and they want us to believe life under dark days of occupation was better than the sunny days of independent Eritrea. We compare the two and they are different lick day and night.

    You are paid to shout and blame Eritrean Government, what else do you do hooligans, break embassy offices, fire bomb community centers and crash parties. You think that will intimidate the Eritrean government and its people? The Camel keeps moving and will reach its destination

    • Genet June 4, 2013

      We already are at our destination. Destination of distruction; Destination of sadness and grief. May 24, is not a day of happines for most Eritrean. However, most of us are greatful for our martys, for making Eritrea an independent nation. For PFDJ, it is a day of money making event. Did you say, “Clean water?” What clean wather? Asmara has no Clean water. If you are real Eritrean you should be concernd with what is going on. Our country is taken over by Ethiopian. Eritrean people are intimidated daily by the dictator. Eritrean people are being uprooted from their fathers’ land systematically. If you are an Eritrean who turned to a zombie, I say wakup. If you are an Ethiopian, get the hell out of our country. No Eritrean with a right mind would say what you are saying.

  • tef June 3, 2013

    Yes, that is right. We know they are financed from Ethiopia (woyane). We Eritreans well aware woyane works day and night working to destroy Eritrea wth the help woyanes servant.

  • T.G.Yohannes June 3, 2013

    who ever side did it, violence is not the sign of civilization. we Eritreans tolerate each other rather than spending our time blaming one another. Let us stop brothers from deteriorating our special cultural values and norms. our grandfathers used to settle conflicts through negotiation not through violence. we had also a democratic era in the 1940-1962.Unfortunately we have been far away from what our fathers have achieved in about 70 years ago. Some of our citizens have been struggling to regain our respected cultural values and justice and democracy, however the mass has been made to tune his/her ears to one media without any room to see sideways. mind you, every Eritrea citizen had shared the pain of the struggle against Derg-regime. But for curse or bad luck the current regime has been mobilizing all our country’s resources to divide the united society for the sake of staying in power. Please for the sake of GOD (ALAH)lets dare to see the facts on the ground! lets sit and discus for the best of our society and country.

  • Kalighe June 3, 2013

    “According to Toni Locher, Honorary Consul of Eritrea, it should be the perpetrators of Dietikon an Eritrean thugs who would be financed from Ethiopia.”

    Higdef paid agents are also getting a job, because the government doesn’t trust even it’s own supporters. What a shame !!

  • David June 3, 2013

    I think it is better to take responsibility, for our own mess instead of try to subject and to paint it into weyane or else. Let’s say weyane financed, some of us, to do the dirty job, whom do we to blame. If we have a freedom in our own country who else can go to weyane to sniff a freedom? all and all it is our terribly mess.

  • Genet June 3, 2013

    Who is Toni Locher?? Is he Eritrean?

    • HammassenaY! June 3, 2013

      No! He is an Eritrean Citizen married to a Tigrean women from ADWA! This women is a memeber of DEMHIT freedom fighters in Eritrea! As we all know – 12 DEMHIT memberes are sent to China! Now the ambassadors are replacing systematic by TEMBIEN or DEMHIT people. The same is true the Eritrean national security is replacing by DEMHIT!

      He was born in SWISS from Swiss family and married to a Tigrean women by the name AZEB!

      • Kambo-Bolo June 3, 2013

        I have heard the same story form General Tekeste that 12 Media experts from DEMHIT are sending to CHINA. Everyone know about it and since Isseays is promised eriteans to be ruled by Tembien people from his father side.

        Isseays – Afewerki – Abreha – Hagos – Mircha – BEZBIZ

        Hagos Mirch is the brother of Yohaness Mircha BEZBIZ means KING YOHANESS.

        He is following the same method – of Ras Alula. re-settling DEMHIT in ERITREA – Now everywhere DEMHIT is there.


      • Genet June 3, 2013

        It is not really surprising; the Tigrean mercenaries are being sent to China for more training to keep the Eritrean people down and their brother (Mr Afewerki) safe in Eritrea. This is news to me. The dictator is using non Eritrean people to do his dirty job. Basicly, this “Toni Locher” man is a mercenary without a machine gun attacking our people. This should be very concerning to all Eritreans. Including the dictator’s supporters; after all they are Eritreans. I am sure they don’t want our country taken over by Tigrean/Ethiopian.

        I don’t understand the purpose of “DEMHIT freedom fighters” freedom from what? who?
        At this time, most Tigrean are content with their lives. Though, I do have a tiny bit of conspiracy theory. May be, the DEMHIT is in place to secure the future of Tigrean. We all know, the next round of change in Ethiopia won’t be in favor of the Tigrean. The Woyane Gov in Ethiopia has a law; any region in Ethiopia has the right to separate from Ethiopia. So the DEMHIT, under the title of a “freedom fighters from Tigrea”, are working to secure the future of Tigrean people. Their (DEMHIT)presence in Eritrea has no explanation. It is to keep the dictator safe and sound, so he can exterminates all Eritrean by all means necessary. For Example, 35,000 Eritrean in Israel no where to go. WOW! If this is not uprooting, what is? BCAK TO MY CONSPIRACY THEORY. Once the Eritrean people are weak in any positons, they will have no choice, but to unite with Tigrae. IT IS ALL ABOUT TIGRAE AND THE DREAM OF “TIGRAE/TIGRAYN”

  • Awet June 3, 2013

    Indeed who is Toni Locher? A consul representing Eritrea and Eritreans? Good God, the dictatorial regime has lost trust on it’s supporters or should I say servants. Viva our youth for disturbing the regimes mechanism of collecting money to finance the brutal regime so they can continue to terrorize our people.

    Viva our youth!

  • simerrr2012 June 3, 2013

    if the country has any serious business it wants to do with a host nation, it sends a real diplomat. But if you want to do other staff in illegal way in Eritrean style you appoint someone who do your dirty laundry .That is what the main Honorary consul in Beirut does arm dealing , illegal money transfer, money laundry. A Pakistani Honorary consul deal with illegal selling of Bisha gold in Black market to bypass the control of international community and Eritrea treasury .Our man in Switzerland Mr Toni Locher take care of all the money of the dictator to be saved in his country Switzerland , a land of save haven for illegal money from all part of the world, Blood money, blood diamond and now our blood gold from Bisha.. He just repeat the same word of the HIGDEF ::They are paid by Ethiopia to make problem in Switzerland: I’m sure Bereket Simon will not waste time to respond to this retarded , manipulated man because who the Mr Toni Funny.

  • elala June 3, 2013


    It is a dilemma for you? who is woyane your cat or your son?

  • Amanuel June 3, 2013

    If Ethiopians were really bothered to care they would have hired you Mr. Tonni Funny. How dare you mention the word thugs when it is the second name of your emloyers. You such a cheap dog ‘of course the labourer is worth his employer (PFDJ).

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