The WEYANE SYNDROME II By Fetsum Abraham//4/1/2013 HERE AND THERE FROM THE FORUM A modest and Kool dude called Johnah impacts the forum stating that; “The sooner we accept issias for what he is a bad eritrean leader and

By Fetsum Abraham//4/1/2013

A modest and Kool dude called Johnah impacts the forum stating that;
“The sooner we accept issias for what he is a bad eritrean leader and mis-management is setting us back we can start looking how to get rid of him and his policies. You see for me it doesn’t matter if Issias was born in Sudan or Ethiopia.. for 30+ years most Eritrean saw him as an Eritrean hero because he played a role in independence of Eritrea.
I don’t hate Issias. I don’t like his policies and decision he is making for Eritrea.
But at the end of the day, he is as Eritrean as Petros Solomon or Wedi Ali. Just like Menguistu is as Ethiopian as Meles or Haile Selaasie. I think all this talk of his Eritreaness are just distraction. It is like when you are taking a penalty kick in soccer game and focusing on putting ball into net and you team member keeps reminding or goes out his way to tell you to be careful the ball was made in China?”
Johnah logically challenges “Truly” on the same matter stating that,  “you make my point for me better than I can… “Issias is evil therefore he can’t be Eritrean”. “Issias has no means have a single drop of Eritrean blood” So, what? He hates Eritrean? But up 2000, you couldn’t find a single eritrean to say anything negative about the man nor question is eritreanness. He was a national hero who was part of movement that liberated the country and now you say he hates eritrean and he is not an Eritrean .. If he hates Eritrean wouldn’t he have just left meada in 30 years and went to Sudan and go to Europe or America and have simple refugee life.”
Comment: I thank you all for communicating your opinions and specially Johnah for directing people to focus on the main agenda rather than wasting time and energy on something insignificant like the origin of the president. What Johnah is teaching us is that the concept of Eritreaness is a function of outlook and practical experience rather than bloodline. He is telling us to stay consistent and face reality as it reveals itself through time and experience.
I am 100% in harmony with the teacher because I cannot take away Afwerki’s extraordinary contribution to the struggle just because he failed to run an obedient society after independence without being a hypocrite. To me, he is an Eritrean iconic leader that directed our struggle to success but unfortunately ended up becoming the worst dictator on earth after independence.
Inconsistency is the mother of hypocrisy: You cannot be just and astute if you lose your balance through bias and contradiction. Reality does not flip-flop; it stays unconditionally intact forever.
Introduction: In the previous article, I discussed the brief history of the Weyane leaders and their current situation where they are individually trying to survive the overall situation rather than to dictate today’s Ethiopian political terms. To my judgment, the internal scuffle for the most part appears most likely on the fate of the businesses owned by the TPLF and material resources or wealth accumulated through the years under the command of its leaders.
One of the most significant developments this year happened in recent TPLF conference, where  “Veteran leaders of the TPLF, Seyoum Mesfin, Berhan G/kirstos, Arkebe Equbay and Zeray Asgedom have resigned and will be replaced in the TPLF CC as part of the ongoing process to renew the TPLF leadership by newcomers.” What effect this may have on Sebhat Nega’s attempt to come back to power with these individuals in mind (within TPLF) while still antagonized by the Seeye/Gebru sect is yet to be seen. This development, nevertheless, leaves the Azeb clique that includes Bereket Simon from without and General Samora from within as the most dominant group in today’s TPLF. It may also gives new Tigrean politicians within the front a chance to implement their agendas more effectively.
My subjective reality
In so far as my understanding till this point is concerned, power has slipped away from the hands of the Weyanes after the death of Meles. Although TPLF veterans know they can’t win individual fights, that they must remain loyal to each other and fight any potential threat together, their internal conflict is too deep rooted for them to unite, needless to state that the Tigrean people are too tired of conflicts and inconsistencies to follow anyone that takes them to war any longer. I do not think it is possible to form an army that represents the Tigreans alone and there is no justification for it.
In short, there is no justified cause for the Tigrean people to be agitated for war like during the era of struggle that motivated them to fight for “Tigrean Independence” (though it took a sharp turn at the end of the process). The people have gone through the highest level of nationalism and unity during that time that they cannot re-experience an emotion as intense, especially in the absence of a CAUSE. “Abai-Tigrai” may then be the only motivating theory left for them if it ever matters as in the past but this dream has been shattered as a matter of time and experience, needless to state that it cannot be practical without the consent of Eritreans and all other Ethiopians; yet of the Tigrean people as well. This means the theory cannot be reduced to practice by force and thus; one should leave it alone and move on.
How then would the veteran leaders face the new Ethiopian political dynamics with all the problems TPLF has been going before and after Meles?
This takes us to Addis. Hailemariam Dessalegn is now the executive leader of the country and the Chair of  the single party (EPRDF composed of organizations representing the Oromos, Amharas and Tigreans), and therefore also heads the TPLF, the army and the security services. In this capacity, he has all the power inherited from Meles Zenawi behind the support of the international community, specially the US.
The scattered TPLF elements cannot, thus challenge him specifically with the army conditioned to stay out of politics; only set to react upon the sole decision and direction of the Central Committee headed by the Prime Minister. Hailemarianm Dessalegn indeed has the time to carefully accentuate his own position with insignificant resistance from the party. There is no single figure popular and strong enough to antagonize his administration in the near future.
In Ethiopia’s PM adds two deputies in cabinet reshuffle, Thu, 29 Nov 2012, Reuters
Reports that the “- Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn had appointed Communications and Information Technology Minister Debretsion Gebremichael[Tigrean] and newly-appointed Civil Service Minister Muktar Kedir[Oromo] as deputy prime ministers, joining existing deputy Demeke Mekonnen [Amara]. It is the first time the Horn of Africa country has had three deputy leaders.”
With this arrangement, chances are it is impossible for any Tigrean group or personality to dominate the current Ethiopian politics any more, although Debretsion Gebremichael has at least a 33% chance of replacing the current prime minister like each of the other two politicians in the same position in case something necessitates change ahead. He cannot, however, resurrect the TPLF from its graveyard even if he becomes the Prime Minister of the country eventually (though unlikely because the other two deputy prime ministers from central and south Ethiopia posses 66% of the chance to hold the spot collectively).
One can then safely conclude that the Ethio-Eritrean socio-political relationship in view of our neighbor can no longer be maneuvered by Tigreans but only by the composite voice of politicians under the central government of Ethiopia.
Apparently, the WEYANEs only exist in psychological gesture in the mind of some Eritreans, not in today’s East African political reality. In so stating, I do believe the Tigreans are our natural allies who fought with us during the struggle. No other group in Ethiopia ever consistently supported the Ertitrean independence as the Tigreans did. Our  independence was actualized because of their support similar to their success was orchestrated with our support. Yet, the TPLF has never reversed its position on Eritrea even during the war on Badme. I condemned the massive deportation of Eritrean-Ethiopians from the country during the war: it was inhuman and savage, something provoked and enforced by the anti-Eritrean clique (Seeye, Gebru, etc) that took maximum advantage of Meles’s partially Eritrean roots.
I also condemn our government for initiating the war in Badme and far beyond because it could have stopped it had it gone for peaceful resolution of the conflict. It abandoned the Amiches by disregarding their situation when it ignited the war and resisted international pressure for peaceful withdrawal from Badme. The deportees could not stay at home because of the government’s insensitive approach that denied them settlement in the vast lands of unused Eritrean lands. They lost everything they had in Ethiopia and rendered homeless by the regime for them to scavenge better survival elsewhere as refugees. The government of Eritrea in reality inflicted equal damage at minimum to that sect of our society in my opinion.
Further, TPLF’s wrong action against our people and its said attempt to capture Assab during the war by no means justify the theory that it went for re-annexing Eritrea back to Ethiopia because we fought a war and they did what they had to do like we did what we had to do to achieve their goals, whatever way the result went immaterial. Whether they had the intention to invade Assab or remain in Assab had the Ethiopian army succeeded in capturing it is something they only know for sure but I believe we would have dislodged them by force behind international support had that been the case and they know this very well. The whole world knows what Eritreans can do to their enemies under the principle of a CAUSE and no crazy Ethiopian government will ever try to mess with us if we get our house straight and create a lawful society that focuses on education, technology, business economy and peace.
The fact remains that we are destined to remain socially and geographically connected with the Ethiopians including the Tigreans and our eventual cooperation as different nations is not only possible but also unavoidable for both of us. Therefore, we need to move on forward towards peaceful coexistence rather than destroying each other because we cannot let the grudge fade away from out memories. We need to learn from that crisis, make sure it would not take place any more and proceed. The entire East African community will fail when one of us fails and the Eritreans cannot continue focusing on the Weyanes because our destiny does not depend on any external force but rather on our unity and democratic freedom in our country. We need to resist the Afwerki’s means of survival by psychological manipulation based on the fallacious theory that the TPLF was THE ERITREAN SOCIETY’S CENTER OF EXISTENCE.
See you in my last follow up on this topic

Review overview
  • berhane April 4, 2013

    dud you dont know what you are talking about.the name of TPLF leadership is a matter of puplic record every body knows your claim aboy sebhat nega comeback this group that group is simply trash rabish do something uesfull idiot.berhane weyanay

  • belay nega April 4, 2013


    So we were getting spare parts of cars from Ethiopia before 1998 but since then we have not had any because Ethiopia stopped providing us………….. and where from did Ethiopia gotten them? … I bet Ethiopia is home for technology …. That is why she is the largest receiver of aids from the alms donors…….
    You are intellectually challenged, from the accursed arid land of Tigrai.”




    • Dawit Meconen April 5, 2013


      I do not think you have the faintest idea of how to use analogy, and your weird claim to wisdom amply demonstrates your deficiency.

      • belay nega April 6, 2013






  • T. Kifle April 4, 2013

    Mr. Fitsum

    These two serials of articles shows your ignorance regarding EPRDF and TPLF. Your writing is simply a record of misconceptions lies and inaccuracies.
    1. The mantra of Abay Tigray was never a factor in moving Tigrean revolution. This is a word often Eritreans keep talking about with no qualification and connection with the reality in Tigray and TPLF’s history.
    2. There are no fighting factions within the TPLF as you would have us believe. Sebhat Nega has retired from the CC of the front long back and there is no way he can comeback and reclaim power even if he wants to.
    3. The retirement of the seniors is part of the succession plan of the front since it is a no-brainer to think that individuals are immortal. They cannot lead the revolution for ever and they are doing it to make sure that the revolution continues without setback
    4. The army is commanded by “the PM and central committee” is nonsense.The commander in chief is the PM. and any major decision on war is taken by the people’s representatives (parliament) and there is no way the central committee plays a direct role
    5. EPRDF isn’t a front made up of only the “Oromos, Amharas and Tigreans”. Rather madeup of four parties which the missed one is the South peoples democratic Movement(SEPDM) lead by Hialemariam Desalegn(HD) himself. You didnt do your homework even to notice the HD’s party.
    6. Your caricature of the TPLF as a party of factions and infighting is simply an extension of your understanding of your EPLF and nothing more.

    7. you are day-dreaming like the Tigreans have lost the incentives to fight. Why do you think should they fight? They fought to establish the current system. they are administering their state and have proportional representation at the federal level. That is what they had in mind when they fought for freedom. Our struggle was not to install one man at the top and oppress others.So the reality in todya’s Ethiopia is you can make it to the highest offices as far as you play by the rules and have the political acumen.
    8.You are better in psycho-analysis and worst in political analysis. please leave this area of non-expertise and stick to analysing your Isaias.

    • fetsum abraham April 4, 2013

      I was surprised by how strongly u misunderstood my articles on the 8 points u mentioned.

    • Adhanom April 7, 2013

      Dear T. Kifle,

      In set out, it is not fair to judge Mr. Festum for his ignorance, misconception lies and inaccuracies unless you understand the objectivity of your perspective, approach and analysis you have done in your comment. The 8 points you have stated have killed the neutrality of your arguments; and you seem sided with “Ethiopianism” perception. Finally, you brought us conclusion with undisciplined connotation that humiliate an icon writer nominated by

      “Please leave this area of non-expertise and stick to analyzing your Isaias”.

      Mr. Kifle, we should be able to read Festum’s articles with open heart and mind; and I usually get astonished by his style of writing, because it teaches us making disciplined arguments, whether it is right or wrong, compassion, tolerance, scholastic literature and analysis, peace, justice etc. At his age, he is doing a lot of efforts of what we, young generation, have failed to do so. We should blame ourselves for not doing something; and we need to view what has been done with a sense of constructive criticism.

      Mr. Kifle, we need to be very sensitive and vigilant while we are investigating historical facts. We have to differentiate theory from practice with careful interpretation of historical data in its right context and time. Your points cry for lack of verification and objective analysis:

      1. The mantra of Abay Tigray was never a factor in moving Tigrean revolution.

      Mr. Kifle, if you want to reach in that serious conclusion, what is your evidence in first place (mention genuine sources to break someone’s idea/justification)? How do you assess the politics of 1940’s between Eritrea and Tigray, because of ethnic, religious, cultural, historic and economic linkages? How do you correlate with the Tigray Manifesto which supports separation and independence in 1970’s? Are you sure: they were fighting for what they are now? These question are full of controversy which need deep research, and we cannot conclude overnight shooting someone unethically.

      2 and 3. There are no fighting factions within the TPLF as you would have us believe.The retirement of the seniors is part of the succession plan of the front since it is a no-brainer to think that individuals are immortal. They cannot lead the revolution for ever and they are doing it to make sure that the revolution continues without setback.

      Theoretically, the retirement and succession plans that you have stated sound civilized political transition which we need to respect. But, are they all retired as politics usually needs mature, experienced ant tested people? or is it the beginning to end of Tigray supremacy of power and dominance in Ethiopia as Festum analyzed? Mr. Kile, how do you know whether there is no internal friction as far as PM Meles has left them with many undone assignments and mixed legacies (positive and negative)? Are you insider? How can you approve the ignorance, misconception lies and inaccuracies of Mr. Festum? If your source is Aiga Forum, Walta and other state controlled media outlets, it is hard to get accurate information. In Ethiopia, freedom of press is more artificial; in practice journalists have no right to write critics and views independently. Therefore, in the absence independent sources, I could not take judgement that Mr. Festum is an ignorant towards his topic, but his topic is subject for further research. It is yours and mine to do it. But, on ground I have not seen any contribution of Mr. Kifle, if there is, let me know it. Thus, it is immoral to humiliate a dedicated person attempting to enlighten people with what he discoveries, knows and understands.

      4. The army is commanded by “the PM and central committee” is nonsense.The commander in chief is the PM. and any major decision on war is taken by the people’s representatives (parliament) and there is no way the central committee plays a direct role.

      Your point shows as if there is elegant democracy in Ethiopia. But, in practice I do not think so. The first thing I need to ask you: is the parliament a true representative of the people of Ethiopia? Why does the government seriously work in silencing or persecuting influential politicians who are supposed to be the representative of the people equally? Can you believe the government in Ethiopia respects the constitutional rights of the people accounting the right of religion, the right of freedom of expression, the right of practical and genuine political pluralism, the right of peaceful demonstration etc Mr. Kifle, if you are speaking out about the “mask of democracy”, I can buy your idea just what politicians use for political consumption. But, this is not the way to instruct our people whether you are an Eritrean or Ethiopian.

      In my conclusion, unless we do extensive research about particular cases, we should not criticize someone in disgraced manner. I do not mean that all the information given by Mr. Festum is perfect and absolute right, but he is a disciplined, dedicated, fair and compassionate writer comparing with other writers we have. I think it is more essential to educate the people with more scholastic analysis based on facts rather than being an instrument for certain political institutions which are overwhelmed by self-interest and ambition. What I believe in media should serve for the interest and right of common people so as to be a real agents of democratic values. Therefore, we should share ideas and experience with a sense of respect and ethical values as the sources we have are meager, and conflicting with each other. Thanks!!


  • luna April 5, 2013

    Dawit Meconen

    What you wrote below makes sense.
    “Eritreans have strong case against Isaias Afewerqi for destabilizing our country, subjecting our people to unnecessary war, sanctions, isolation, human traffickers,dangerous migration of youth, weakening our armed forces etc…and all of these are valid points to question the integrity of the person who is leading the country and to impeach and hang him for endangering our country.”

    Now, the burning issue to be discussed is not the identity of the leader in question. Instead, the point must be how to fight the regime to save the nation from the hanging danger. Some of the above points stated and argued about with regard to Ethiopia is not timely. First let us clean our own home and later we can talk about others.

    It is wise to keep our discussions to the point rather than jumping here and there confusing readers.

    • Petros Haile April 5, 2013

      Dear Luna,

      “First let us clean our own home and later we can talk about others.”

      When your so called “compassionate next door neighbor” is fully involved in your internal affair, how could you not talk about it… The history of EPLF & TPLF, is nothing but interferance … they don’t have any other history, from TPLF’s inception to their days of glory, they were hand and gloves, inseparable, and on occassion destructive to the well being of their respective people, and to each other !!! Although, I agree with you to seek a solution that would deter these two evils from advancing their organizational interest … but this will require honest and sincere evaluation on your part, most of of all, it requires the ability to see things genuinely from the interest of our people … let’s all quit from being blind loyalist, and let loyality rest on the interest & mutual benefits of our people … trust me, it will shorten our misery …

    • Dawit Meconen April 5, 2013


      I did not take up the origin question lightly but after a deep and serious thoughts. To tell you the truth I was one of his ardent supporters and defenders, pre and post independence,against those who had attacked him as CIA and an Ethiopian agent.I even tried to justify his witch-hunt on Eritrean Universities students, intellectuals and many gifted military leaders as… Revolution is a double edge sword…. and that … the end justifies the means…

      However, when I visited the Home of the Brave after sixteen years of absence, I was shocked to notice the material and spiritual devastation of my country and people; complete contradiction between what this guy tells us and show us on EriTv and the abject and moribund existence of our people on the gound. I used to oppose the mass exudos of our youngsters as unpatriotic and unEritrean but I saw with my own eyes and heard with my own ears the reason why.

      The so called ” PFDJ” is another of his many smokscreens and as EriTv is, to keep the Eritrean Diaspora tantalized until it is too late for them to do anything about it, and in the meantime, to suck their support and wallet and at last, to leave them hanged, high and dry.

      He has not become extremely secretive for no reason; kept the country off limit to Ambassadors, they cannot set their feet on the rural areas outside Asmera; there are no NGO despite the overwheming need for help; there are no foreign news media outlets; he drove out the so called university students to the rural areas while the large University of Asemra is standing empty to prevent the student from contact foreigner, and if they revolt, to kill them without the world knows about it; he has surrounded himselves with people of Tigrai origin, the genuine Eritreans are languishing in prison, some of whom have already passed away, and some have become insane. in a nut shell, Eritrea is a prison-house in which Isaias Afewerqi is torturing the people into submission to mold them into accepting his life long dream, Abai Tigrai. Any Eritrean who does not accept this idea and work hard to preempt it before it is too late, he will one day wake up in a differen world.

      Genuine Eritreans:

      Do not believe the mirages, such as People’s Front For Democracy and Justice, Self-reliance,the content of EriTv etc. Isaias Afewerqi is throwing at you. They are all sedatives, sleeping pills, to keep you asleep in order not to wake up on him while he feverishly destroys your nationalism, Sovereignty, culture langauge etc. Wake up he is a vicious enemy within.

      Can’t you see his nature, treacherous, killer, unjust, vindictive, all typical of Tigrawai, but alien to that of the genuine Eritrean, who is trustworthy, just, merciful etc.?

      • Zebib April 5, 2013

        Dawit M.

        “Can’t you see his nature, treacherous, killer, unjust, vindictive, all typical of Tigrawai, but alien to that of the genuine Eritrean, who is trustworthy, just, merciful etc.?”

        This above statement is extremely fascistic and dangerous. You cannot and should not consier one ethnic group absolutely evil and another one absolutely good. You must have a serious problem (PERSONAL) that is driving you to make such extremely unacceptable nazistic statements. You seem (less your obssessive hatred for Tigray and Tigreans) as a reasonably articulate person. Your statement is tantamount to upholding the great tragedy that happened in our days between the Hutus and Tutsies of Rwanda.

        You cannot continue to live with this baggage of pure hatred. You should seek help for your own and your family’s sake. Societies worked hard since the dawn of mankind and paid very dearly to arrive at where they are today that good and bad does not belong solely to one ethnic, religeous, tribal, racial, or whatever group. There is no other person in the cyber fora with a distinct hatred baggage of an entire region like Tigray like you and it goes without sayaing that it stinks to high heaven.

        • Dawit Meconen April 6, 2013


          Historical as well as current facts bear the Truth of my asertion, of which the following are among the many glaring evidences:

          1. The religious cleansing King Yohannes of Tigrai committed on the Jeberti of Tigrai just because they were Muslims…..

          2. Yohannes was crowned as King of Ethiopia after the colossal National Treason he committed against Ethiopia as a collaborator of the British General, Napier, who killed King Tedros.

          3. The hundreds of years the minority people of Jeberi suffered in the hands of Tegaru, forbidden to have land to farm, forbidden to build Mosque to worship, as a result of which many of them had to leave to settle somewhere else, such as Eritrea , Arab countries etc.

          4. Even today, at a time when the villain woyane is claiming to be democratic, albeit to fool the gullibles, Tigrai Jeberti residing in Axum are not allowed to build a place of worship.

          5. ” Those whose eyes color we do not like, we will deport them from our country” was the reply of the drug-addict, now dead Meles, when he was asked why he deported hundreds of thousands of Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin in a manner only a person with a Nazi mentally could do.

          6. The complete treacherous, unscrupulous and untrustworthy nature of woyane, of which the current youth should be reminded everyday, can be further illuminated by fact that it was the Eritrean people who created, fed, trained, armed protected and peggybacked it all the to Addis Abeba.

          However, since the nature of a people is immutable, no sooner did woyane settled in Addis Abeba than it began conpiring against our people in Ethiopia, our people in Badme, our people in our country and our country itself.

          6. etc.


          I hope I have mentioned enough premises to convince you of the veracity of my conclusion. If otherwise however, I can roll out as many premises as can able to read.

          As to the nature of Eritreans, the number of Mosques and Churches constructed side by side everywhere in Eritrea the speak for themselves. Besides, the very existence of woyane owes to the generosity of Eritreans etc.

          • Zebib April 6, 2013

            Dawit Meconen

            Although I could attempt to go point by point to counter-argue your rationale, suffice it to say that when the very first Mohamedans were persecuted in the Middle East and escaped through the Red Sea to Axum, they were not only welcomed by the Ruler then, but were at full liberty to practice their faith. History would oblige that both positive and negative things are recorded in fairness and honesty, if it is to serve humanity as a ladder to evolve and achieve freedom from group beliefs and isms.

            Furthermore, now that you have listed clearly what you gather were atrocities made by Tigrean Rulers, for the sake of argument let’s pretend what you wrote is all true. The context in which you have put them is acceptable. You give the responsibility to specific rulers at specific historical times. We may or may not agree with all or with some of your points, but your pointing of a finger at specific targets makes it at worst debatable.

            It is when you generalize and say that all Tigreans are bad and all Eritreans are good, that it becomes a disturbing and unhealthy assessment, and as I said earlier even dangerous.

      • emiru isak April 6, 2013

        Racist, from where did get that ”treacherous, killer, unjust, vindictive,..” ara all characters of Tigrians? Go and look your face at a mirror and you will find who you are. With this type of mentality I am 100 % sure you will reach no where. What a pity!!

        • Dawit Meconen April 7, 2013


          Rulers, as they are physically born of the wombs of their respective mothers, they grow their attitudes, habits, beliefs, treachery, honesty, duplicity etc. from the cultural womb of their people, and therefore,itis wrong on your part to exclusively lay blame on the rulers and exonerate the people.

          • HABTE April 8, 2013


            I think a well thought and mature response of Zebib is enough for you if you could understand it in an open mind. It is unhealthy and nonproductive to hate a certain ethnic group or religious group as a whole.
            Thank You

      • Genet April 7, 2013


  • belay nega April 5, 2013


    ““Eritreans have strong case against Isaias Afewerqi for destabilizing our country, subjecting our people to unnecessary war, sanctions, isolation, human traffickers,dangerous migration of youth, weakening our armed forces etc…and all of these are valid points to question the integrity of the person who is leading the country and to impeach and hang him for endangering our country.””


    “Some of the above points stated and argued about with regard to Ethiopia is not timely. First let us clean our own home and later we can talk about others.”


  • HABTE April 5, 2013

    Dear Fitsum

    When you say “I don’t hate Isaias. I don’t like his polices and decisions he is making for Eritrea” what do you mean ? How on earth are you separating the person Isaias from his polices? Is this some kind of abstract politics or what?
    All the polices and decisions are from Isaias and Isaias the person is the one who is making this hellish polices and he is the one to be hated and be accountable for it.Please let us know if there is another invisible Isaias that make this polices that we don’t know about.

    Your view is so contradictory and a means to confuse others. You should take a stand and be firm on it specially when it comes to Isaias. You can’t be soft on this world wide known criminal

    • jonah April 5, 2013

      Fitsum, first thanks for using my comments. And second keep it coming..
      On this Woyane question- I just think it is something within the Tigrinya Highlanders in Eritrea and Tigraian or Woyane in Ethiopia. Without going back a couple of centuries, I think there is some sort of sibling rivalry and mixed with PDJF’s desire to maintain power by creating an existential threat or enemy. This Woyane threat. Instead of Woyane Opportunity. If the PDJF leadership was intelligent and shrewd, we could have used the commonality of these two groups to get power access our 90+ million neighbor. But that requires visionary thinking but you can’t think like that if you are stuck in foxhole. As far as I am concerned if there is no country called Woyania- this Woyane talk, etc might be language of the past…But there is country called Ethiopia which has 2nd highest population in Africa..

      Habte, I agree with regards to not liking Issias policies and I believe it is important to fight against his policies. I am not sure about all these hate, etc talk. I don’t want to be on other spectrum on this cult of personality. You have faction of Eritrean that love him like second coming of Christ and another that view him as pure evil. Well, but if we emphasis on his policies and what is doing to country, it easier to change mind of Eritreans on the fence. You can say “Whatever is your opinion of they guy is, here are his policies and this is negative consequences, etc.. As Eritrean, it is important for us to be vocal and change these policies for sake of country or our people” “What do you think of these policies? Do you think they are working?”
      I think it easier to have dialogue this way and bring people to their sense and let them propose how the change this happen or what can be done.. All this Issias is evil, etc? Puts some supporter on defense.. Anyway, after calling Issias evil, or expressing hate- what is next? You vented. How do you rally your community around a common platform? I also think it easier when all his stupid policies/actions are documented and we work on lessons learned to make sure they are not repeated for future generations.

      • HABTE April 5, 2013

        Dear Jonah
        I guess to love and hate is part of human nature and we do involve in it. If we agree that all the misery of our beloved people is caused by the blind polices of Isaias how can you differentiate the evil Isaias as person from his polices, that’s where the hate part kicks in.
        My love to my well cultured people is unconditional and any body who hurts our people just for the sake of his own glory and power is the enemy of my people. To be honest I am not a saint and I don’t want to be a saint to love the enemy of our people.
        Yes I know faction of our people love him and this will change through time trust me . There are still people who love Hitler too; but they don’t make any difference at all so don’t be surprised.
        thank you

        • jonah April 6, 2013

          Habte, I am not advocating loving Issias. I am not a big fan of black/white or saint/sinner or good/evil thinking. At end, I think the objective is the same to change the political direction of country and part of that is getting rid of Issias.
          I agree and I know there is a faction of our people that support him and they are slowly changing their mind. I just believe focusing on his policy is the best way to start changing their mind and getting a platform to help prepare us for next government. Well, loving Hitler/nazi- well guy dead 70 years ago. Issias and PDJF and people who “like” him can still support and send money and prolong his stay in power. So they make a difference.
          Anyway, I don’t know about this Hitler stuff. It is becoming the new trend for segment of diaspora to compare everything that have to do with Issias and PDJF to Hitler and Nazi party. First it is an insult to Hitler and Nazi. How does one compare a country that maybe the last in the world ran by semi-illiterate ex guerrilla fighters to the most technological advanced country on the face earth(in its time) and whose leadership almost conquered the world. It is something unique in Eritrean mindset- in good olds we used to say Eritrea is becoming/going to be come Singapore and now the bad days we compare or call it Nazi Germany.

      • Genet April 7, 2013

        YOU SAID,


  • emiru isak April 5, 2013

    Dude, leave the Weyanes and Ethiopians alone. The peoples of Ethiopia are doing well compared with any other country in the Africa and that is partly due to dedication and far sighted thinking of the Weyanes. They are not stacked with old thinking of haveing power for theselves. They have overcome it. In fact the level of development in Ethiopia has reached a level where power will earned by merit not by your ethnic background? Aren’t you jealious? Can’t you learn some thing instead of talking nonesens about weyane and Tigrians? Please Concentrate on your own Eritrean problems. You have a lot a lot to think about. Don’t boost very much about your eritrean self. By now the whole world knows about Eritrea and Eritreans. Be humble. OK?

  • Petros Haile April 5, 2013

    Dear Dawit,

    “Isaias Afewerqi is torturing the people into submission to mold them into accepting his life long dream, Abai Tigrai. Any Eritrean who does not accept this idea and work hard to preempt it before it is too late, he will one day wake up in a differen world.”

    Although, you declared yourself no more PFDJ, and you seem to be awakened from all the under handed and evil deeds of your former indoctrinator, but unfortunately, your recovery is not complete … I agree with most of your descriptions of what Issayas is doing to his own people, and how deceptive and cruel he can be … but to extend your call for ethnic purity and accuse him of an Abai Tigrai secret advocate is un called for ! The truth is in both Eritrea and Tigrai, the mix marriage has been a common practice for over a century … unfortunately, the two governments tried to use the ethnic card to promote their war provocations …

    On the other hand, If it wasn’t for the joint cooperation of the two movements, with the blessing of their people, the DERG could not have been toppled …, Dear Dawit, I don’t mean to tell you the history, obviously it is not new for you, but I sense that your positive and good points out weigh the negatives, and I take it upon me to pointed it out … As the other commentators inference on Issays, as not having a positive role through out the struggle for independence … I strongly oppose their wrong assertions … Like any other liberation movements, Eritrea has its share of good and bad, So were other leaders who lead their movements. In fact, some commentators mentioned his wrongs, such as The Menka, The Yemin, and I may include the war between ELF & EPLF as well … We can go on listing hundred of incidents …

    At the same time, let’s not forget the 30 years struggle to emancipate from the Monarch, and the Derg, with the backing of two major superpowers ! This has been achieved under our heroic Tegadelti and their leaders, under the leadership of EPLF, and Issayas Afeworki as their head … Not to mention thousands of OLF & TPLF fighters trained in Sahel who became the leaders of today, including the late PM Meles Zenawi’s save heaven …This is the other feature of the Eritrean history, that we should not entertain !

    However ,What is happening now is a different story, We have a tyrant that needs to be removed. On this second phase of our struggle for democracy and rule of law, The strategy we choose is our own, and definitely we should seek help from all our neighbor’s, particularly in taking care of our refugee population, but to go beyond and advocate an armed invasion with the help of surrogate movements is not acceptable … If Eritrea is to win back its emancipation, it has to be by the people who is directly affected by it , who resides with in the confinement of Eritrean territory … Other moves, be it the surrogates, or Ethiopian Generals could be futile and dangerous.

  • Dawit Meconen April 6, 2013


    You have good points but I disagree with you on the following points:

    1. Isaias contribution should not be underestimated towards Eritrean Liberation but in view of his current negative contribution towards establishing a well grounded Democratic Eritrea, it is high time that we explore ideas beyond tyranny as an end in itself because there are strong evidences that his tyranny is a means to something more sinister.

    2. The importance of woyane was after independence,expediting Eritrean membership in the UN, for which, after all, was it was created and nurtured for seventeen years by the EPLFs. As Military Force however, its contribution was relatively negligible. The backbone of Dergi was crashed in Af-Abet and MtswaA solely by the mighty EPLFs, where woyane was no were to be seen. Let me remind you that it was at this time that the EPLFs had to come to Shire and devastated Dergi soldiers because woyane was unable to do it.

    3. When Haile selase regime forcifully encorporated Eritrea, dilapidated the economic infrastrucure left by the Italian fascists, declared Amhara to be the official language in all institutions and including medium of intstruction in schools etc. etc., their ultimate aim was to amharanize our people and intermarriage was one of the tools. Our people resisted and luckily, Indpendence dawned sooner than anticipated, thanks to the Almighty EPLFs, God Bless them.

    Unfortunately, Isaias Afewerqi,I think, has stabbed us in the back and our independence has not been fully realized and our people, instead of regenerating themselves, are leaving their country droves. But, Whereever they may land, Eritreans should never stop working for their country, or breeding Eritreans, everyday declaring, “If I Forget you Eritrea, Let My Heart Forget Me” . But then, who would forget Our Holy Land!!!