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  • Abnet Tesfai January 30, 2012

    I don’t understand what the content of the interview/report. I think there is a need for translation in tigrygna for audiences like myself.

    • hggum brhan January 31, 2012

      aytemenyo ezi combo bediu tgraway bebuu amharay eyu.bota eyu tzebibu zkown tebaeshom i dontknow evry thig is upside news on this

  • Cambo January 31, 2012

    There was an incident in a concert where Zemach was invited to perform. After the incident, Police were called and the concert was cancelled.
    As the opposition against the Hgdef regime gathers memomtum and speed, more incidents like this will continue organized by young Eritreans. The best example is Israel where the first such incidents started. Israel has been liberated from all Hgdef sponsored concerts. Israel is off limits to Hgdef.
    The next ones will be Italy, Switzerland, England … Hgdef is losing the ground but only time will show, how the Asmara regime will react.
    The Eritreans in Israel who have seen all the ugly side of life, along the way with in the Hgdef and the greedy Arab Bedeuine mafias, are the most activist, strongest and independent of all the Eritrean opposition. They are fearless.

    • ahmed saleh January 31, 2012

      I am lost when you said Eritreans in Israel are independent of all of the Eritrean
      oppositions. You are dead wrong, eventhough many of us have not affilation
      with any political group but at this stage we are all connected together on its own way on this stuggle for Democratic Eritrea. Therefore, you can not alienate them
      from other oppositions because they are part of this movement.

      • hggum brhan January 31, 2012

        dedhri adgi zkeds trat adgi lemde zbal msla alo ymesleni wey guuuud!!!!

        • ahmed saleh January 31, 2012

          hggum berhan
          Kem xelul n’beynkha tezareb zelakha ikha temesl , I hope
          you are alright.

  • kalighe January 31, 2012

    The only problem in Eritrea is a naive public that follows a serial killer as their leader. Iseyas has never been a leader but a dangerous paranoid killer. And yet you see many innocent Eritreans who think he is “one of their own”. The same naive public has no sympathies for suffering families whose members are missing. “May be he/she has done something wrong” is the usual response you get when such crimes are brought to their attention. The same kind of reaction is what you see when a religious group is targeted. People side with their government against “Pentecostals” and those Moslems who appear to be more religious in their community. Nobody asks about the disappeared. People are not even worried that this could happen to them too. But slowly, the disappearances are extended to other religious groups and denominations, even if they cannot be tagged as ‘Jihadists’. The government has a red tag for everyone in the country, they know which one makes a particular group easily vulnerable. Now, who is remaining ?, really not many. Despite all that and the suffering, we have not yet being able to stand shoulder to shoulder against our common enemy. Many still do not realize that we have an enemy at home. Till we all realize that we have to continue paying the price of being naive and indifferent.

  • HGDF January 31, 2012

    You can call individuals or a group naive but calling a people naive indicates that either you are yourself naive or you have some other agenda. Why should you care about the loss of members of the people if you call them naives.

    For me there is no naive and insane act than inviting an enemy to invade your own country at any cost. We talk about defending our country at any cost and you dream about bringing an invader at any cost.

    If you are to continue calling names to the people you say you care for, then we will see what fruit your struggle can bear. Or you must be just caring to a small group which you think you belong to. Because you said it people are defending Isaias because they think he is their own then you must also being looking for your own. Otherwise the should not be very big difference amoung members of a society when it comes how smart they are. We are just talking elementary politics and we dont need to be genius to understand that.

  • kalighe January 31, 2012

    HGDF ,
    I call my people naive, because they wrongly thought they have leaders, while the reality is that a few who come from marginalized small groups, mostly Deki Khomaro (DK) can lead them to prosperity.
    Ability to lead is essentially a function of tradition, culture and honoring one’s own legacy.
    The DKs came from a marginal section of society that has never attended a Baito meeting. They are not part of the great indigenous traditions of our fathers, who used to solve conflicts by listening to all sides and taking wise decisions. Your leaders know only making people disappear. Put them in jail where they are expected to die after years of crying for justice. Buried with blankets in which they were sleeping.
    No amount of false justifications (border or weyane) will absolve you from committing crimes against humanity. The families of tens of thousands who are missing will seek justice at any cost.

    • HGDF January 31, 2012

      So you want to repeat the system of marignalizing people? Every one praises his origin, but some conservatives like you make it a political case. There is no naive and backward thinking than calling names to people as to their profession and origin. This 18th century politics when the Feudals were calling names (Buda) for hand craft men. People like you shouln’t be inprisoned but put in a museum.

      • SINGAPO-ERITREAN January 31, 2012

        Hello HGDF,
        Which one is worse ? Calling your people naive ,out of frustration due to care….or ..selling them to Rashaida ? imprisonning them for ever underground…without trial ? You seem to be intelligent person ,who has lost his soul ,because you have put the land before people. Do you think I WANT ERITREA TO ANNEX TO QATAR OR SINGAPOR OR GO TO HELL? I also criticize us ,more than I criticize PFDJ. Because Mudada/PFDJ has been fooling people for 50 yrs now.TAKE IT WITH IN THE CONTEXT.

        • HGDF February 1, 2012

          Better Qatar and Singapore than Ethiopia. Because they are civilized. They don’t eat raw meat.

  • Gual Mendefera(Rahel) January 31, 2012

    how can a border issue prevent people’s freedom, democracy,development,…justice….
    Isayasawian put one reason for the crime they are doing in Eritrea…
    their reason is always the same and people fed up of this fake reasons.
    Woyane woyane woyane woyane……………
    in mathmatics= (woyane)^32 = (woyane)power of 32= that is equal to the number of IPv4
    day and night woyaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
    until doomsday…. woyaneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

  • Bus-Zone January 31, 2012


    Do not wast your time. he would not understand what you said , he has given that comment to Post it in here , Remember when HEGADF recruits their Postmen , they ask them One quetion which is, Did you finish year 12 ? if they reply by YES or NO they will let them go home , there are people who would not understand that Simple Q they are the one they recruits and HEGDF is one of them

  • semay January 31, 2012

    higdef meshmishom, tefesha nay hasabn netfetatn agatimuwom yerekeb. ‘alem felitatom, melkawi ye’enawi tegbaratom tekal’iu. higdef kurub ametat eyu terifuwom. tselim tarikhom nebere nebera kikewen eyu. democraci hagerawi baito kuwam kitegber eyu, ayterfon eyu. fetikum tselikum. higdef dema keguhaf eyu.

  • January 31, 2012

    zitenefhe ynefah hgdef ezi keman ywhdom
    ahwatna eko kolalitom eyom zishiyetu zelow gena alo bdhrit tray eye zblokum hgdefawyan

  • hgdef mealta akilu January 31, 2012


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