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  • sara January 31, 2012

    Mehert yewredelkum…… all of you who are here to demonize ertra ,i cant belive an ertrean wants the ethiopians to make a comeback… of course with a difference…
    what is this………….. another 30 years to fight…

    • yien January 31, 2012

      Sister Sara anchawa,
      I understand wat you mean ! but don’t wary about the
      ethiopians they have to fight a hunger another 100 years from now.
      but the problem wat we have is quiet different. simple to understand difficult to
      crystallize. already you are the living example, don’t let the fear possess you sister
      becous undderstanding individual freedom is the kernel of transcanding between human quality on communication. Having value on the rights of the others is a step thinking towards collective approach on life and living issues.

  • revolution January 31, 2012

    anyone who serve the the dictatorial regime must be punished. the deserve it
    no Sympathetic
    no Mersey
    well done guys
    we are looking forward to hear from some where else as well

  • kalighe January 31, 2012

    I think it’s time for families of disappeared to form an association that goes after their killers.
    Amanuel Iyasu we appreciate the great job you are doing. Please take this noble initiative in the name of our beloved young men and women who paid the ultimate price for freedom of their people.
    Please add a few more pages to your site in the name of “Association of the disappeared” and help organize it. This will add a new dimension to the struggle for justice in Eritrea.
    Add His Holiness Abune Antonious on top of the list and more names after verification with the concerned families. Let the world see how the number of the disappeared in Eritrea is growing every day.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Abdi January 31, 2012

      @Kalighe I feel sorry for the youth’s situation abroad,but what we need to remember is if they were after freedom, justice or what ever you mentioned to make the gov’t look bad,they were armed soldiers they could have demand the change by force with out needing to flee abroad,but what they did clearly shows that they fled to improve their economical problems.and faced the unexpected sufferings.also you need to remember if somebody fled his/her country of fear of any kind of mistreatment,s/he runs to
      the nearest safe place in this case Sudan would have been
      their safe destination,however they risked their life to go to where their dream was(money) Europe,Israel etc,so don’t use them for ur own sick purposes.

  • ኣይበልናን'ዶ January 31, 2012

    ኣብዚ ሎሚ ሽም ኤርትራ ተድዊኑ፡ነዚ ከምዚ ዝገበረ ኣካል ትንፋስ ክህብ ዝሰርሕ ኣካል ብዝተካእለ መጠን ምድርዓሙ።ህዝብን ብኣህሉን መንነቱን ይፈርስ ሰለዘሎ፡ነዚ ዘፍርስ ኣካልን ተደናጋጽን ምሕረት ዘይምግባር።
    ዘማች ህጻናት ቆልዑ ሒዙ ንዑ ምእንቲ መሰል ድረፉ፡ንስሚዒት ሓፋሽ መርዙ እናበለ ዝመሃረ ሰብ’ዩ።እቶም ዘጣቖሉ፡እቶም ከበሮ ዝሃረምሉ፡ኣቶም ንመሰልን ፍትሓዊ ቃልሲ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ሰራውር ክገብር ዝደረፉ ባህሊ ቀያሕቲ ዕንባባ ሎሚ የለውን።ነቲ ንሶም ዝተሰውእሉ ዕላማ ንምስባር ዝሕግዝ ጁባ ህግደፍ ዝመልእ ገንዘብ ንምጥርቓም ዓወንወን ብምባሉ የውርደሉ’ዩ ዝበሃል።ኤርትራውያን ኣብ ባሕሪ እናጠለቑ፡ኣብ በረኻታት ሲናይ ግዳይን ኣደዳ ተበልጽቲ ኮይኖም ኮላሊቶም እናተሸጠ ምስዕሳዕ ተራእዩዎ።ግርም ፍርዲ’ዩ።ሎሚ ህግደፍ ድንጉይ ( ዳውን ) ዝኾነ ሰብ ዘይስሕቶ ፖለቲካ ዘድምጽሉ ናይ ውድቀቶም ሰዓት ዝበጽሓሉ ስለዝኾነ ምጥቃዖም።

  • tes January 31, 2012

    well done brothers good job… we need in london”””’…….we never sleep at any where ## dlo keytielo ””haramika delay selam mikanu teketelo ”’ selam wey mot

    • revolution February 1, 2012

      definitely bro…. tes
      we will show them how much we hate them
      long live for they people who are fighting for change!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mr. T January 31, 2012

    A photo that will be remembered in Eritrean history has just been posted at the meskerem website. It is one of the ugliest opposition politics that has shown Eritreans what they actually look like inside. It has exposed them bare and necked without mercy. The victim is Daniel Tewolde whose voice has disappeared since then from the Eritrean websites. This photo reminds us the Tunisian guy who had burned himself alive to defy injustices. Daniel had equally put his life at great risk in a land known by its barbaric woyane leaders. It is a photo that will live in infamy and probably be used as teaching tool in a peaceful and democratic Eritrea. Has anyone seen Daniel Tewolde? Is he still safe and alive? He is truly an Eritrean hero. Please visit to see the photo of his defiance against evil.

    • Haqqi Nezareb January 31, 2012

      Hi Mr. T,

      Daniel is safe and alive. But I am not sure of the lions of Nakfa such as Haile Durue, Petros Solomon, Sherifo etc. Do you have any idea where your lunatic leader imprisoned them? Are they alive or dead? A zombie is always a zombie.

      • Mr. T January 31, 2012

        Haqqi N.,

        nKozami kabza assenna awtsi’eka emb’ar nbeynka bhitkaya. Well, to answer your question, I called the president to ask him about the “lions of Nakfa” as you call them, and he said, “They are safe and alive.” I hope that satisfies your quest. Now let me ask you a question. Why the hell are you doing here anyway? I thought the barbaric boss was going to give you a break. (SMILE)

  • ghezai January 31, 2012

    assena thank u for good job u doing .but the news media what was he saying can some one trasleated it

  • Texemem January 31, 2012

    hi guys

    no problem !!!! sidet mehbiE dukumat eyu dro tefalitna alena men entay yegebir eti hadami kulu gize hadami eyu nezi neger ezi HINE gemzifdeyo aytzengiu ente ab europe wala USA eti hawi yeguhr ember yetefe yelon

  • Hagerenegramn January 31, 2012

    Mr T Meskerem is using the name opposition to divide Eritrean people it is directed by Semere Russom. HIGDEF didnot spare their own let alone ELF remanants.Where are Alem Goitom Mentors from Rassai?

  • ghezai January 31, 2012

    mr T
    May be it should be holiday that day. daniel day in eritrea .may be a week after may your master DIA .and tell him you sow more worest than era ero and mayhabar.and tell him 20 yrs in power killing more people is better than what happen to daniel