Voice of Assenna: Eritrea, A Country with No Government & No Opposition – Part 3



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  • ahmed saleh August 30, 2013

    you said ‘ ANTA TEKAWAMI NAY WEDUBAT SELFI ” means ” you who oppose solely against parties and organization ” .
    It is too deep message if we have the will to figure our and understand our weak points to lead the country .

  • Truly truly i say to you August 31, 2013

    erikid said,
    “I think, as long as Isaias is in Eritrea, Eritrea is safe from Ethiopia. ….The only thing Isaias ever did was keep Eritrea safe. That is why Agames hate him. bla! bla!…

    Can´t anyone stop this confused imatured kid from his madness please?

    Did he mean if Isayas not Exist, Eritrea also will never exist as free nation?
    Did Isayas realy kept Eritrea safe like erikid claims?? Is part of Eritrean teritories still not on hand of Ethiopian? Who late this to happen and who humiliates our nation?
    To be honest this cursed caner dictator if liquidates, believe me Eritrea in a short time will become completely free prosperous blessed nation.
    Everyone knows Isayas from the beginning as not liked to see free independent Eritrea. But because he couuldn´t stop the freedom is now in other form he sabotaging to reverse the independence. But he couldn´t Thanks for brave Eritrean nationalists and heroes still remaining inside the regime.
    This what we heard about new residence housing construction good plan, it is also not will go on in Esayas will, but because of some nationalist original citizens good will it is. Isayas whatever it tastes him bitter and how much he trying to destroy and sabotage the Eritrean economy his evil plan will never succeed, Eritrea anyway will be builted by the the true real sons and daughters of nationalists good will, weather he likes or not.