Voice of Assenna:Mon 19, 2013: ” Housing Project ” – PFDJ’s EURO Fantasy



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  • Said August 19, 2013

    illegal housing we don’t allow we got some bull dozer for you, so watch out with for what you buying. against dictator.

  • Genet August 20, 2013

    “PFDJ’s Housing project” When I heard the new plan, I couldn’t stop laughing. Because of PFDJ’s leaders new plan. You have to be stupid to buy this new plan. For the past 10 to 15 years, they have been taking money from the stupid Eritreans in diaspora. Now, they are telling them “forget the lands you were told you were given with the “bond” money”. There is no land.” They are telling them that they can transfer to this new plan if they want too cont. Do they have a choice? LOL…. It seems they have been running a PONZI SCHEME with our fathers’ lands. They have been selling one piece of land many times over. For God sake, how can any body trusts the group of mafia in Eritrea who are calling themselves “Eritreans’ Gov” Wake up Eritreans in diaspora. You are being taken for a WILD RIDE.

  • samrawi August 21, 2013

    Did the guest consult the housing bank website? The design and the cost are presented for each house in the website. It is good to do one’s homework before blaming the system for not costing the houses.

    • Said August 21, 2013

      There’s no homework need to be don to this u most be joking . U do the homework an you lite us now , friendly advice don’t fall into it.

  • Hagerawi August 22, 2013

    Do we know that this same so called project was publically anonunced some years ago and some innocent diaspora eritreans had infact rush to buy that time….now the same thing is polished and announced as if it is new….hhhhhhahahahhahaha ASHA DIYE MEHARI…how many times can a man be fooled by another foolish, stupid, and EWALA (copy from mr. kebrom) government…

  • dekibat August 22, 2013

    Samrawi and Hagerawi
    Do not try to be naïve. Every day, day in and day out Eritreans are doing their homework and counting the cost of our mothers’, fathers’, brothers’, sisters’ and children’ blood which is still running from gash setit and mereb all the way through the Nile river to Sinai.The vampire Tigray Government (HIGDEF) headed by the son of Rasu ALula Dejazmach Isias governor of Eritrea on behalf of his ancestors killed wiped out our people and sold our land and you tell us to do the homework and the costing , get real please. Hagarawi did you say innocent Diaspora? I say criminal Diaspora, They know the land is stolen by HEGDEF TEGARU and they know that the people of all hamasien, seraye, akeleguzay, barka, gash , semhar , senhit and denkel are the real owners and custodian of their land but the thieves snatched the land from them and trying to sell it to the highest bidder which are the Diaspora and others.Any one who buy from a thief is a thief and should be hold accountable and brought to justice once we topple the colonisation of Eritrea by the children of Tigray.
    The truth is that we are still under colonisation. There are some Eritrean collaborators as it was in the past successive colonisations but as they say every dog has his day.

    • samrawi August 22, 2013

      Said, Hagerawi and Dekibat,
      I heard the guest say the housing projects had “no cost” and buyers were expected to pay “25% down-payment for a house without a cost” in the interview. The guest was incorrect as the house designs and costs are public in the housing bank website. Assenna should have crosschecked this before the broadcast.

      This does not mean I am in favor of the project or supporting the PFDJ. I am giving my feedback to the producers of the interview so that they present facts to their audience, as such inadvertent errors could seriously affect Assena’s credibility as an information outlet.

      If you can prove me wrong (with facts, not emotions), am ready to correct my mistake.

  • daniel amiche August 22, 2013

    why PFDJ does everything the TPLF does??? Ok the talk of the day with ethiopians both in and out in the diaspora is about the so called 40/60 housing scheme. the mafia PFDJ is now promoting a similar housing project OUT from the blue kikiki or is it for shaabiya to inflate its on-air pride..”we started this first, and as always, the weyane stole our idea” ???? kikikiki kemire weyane betam argo yibeltewal.

    • samrawi August 23, 2013

      How about the housing Kingnam housing projects in Asmara and Massawa? You must be blind to say that PFDJ copied housing projects from TPLF. That said, there is nothing wrong in copying good practices from anywhere in the world. The challenge is delivering the promises, not the origin of the good practices (which is in no way is from TPLF anyway).

  • awet berhe August 27, 2013

    Discussing should be technical and financial wise regarding the new higdef housing project that from my opinion are extremely high in price and low in quality as i heard that all the materials will be fabricated from china and every one should know the reputation of china materials that has been sent to Africa that are low in standard.For example the price for a Villa with 106.4 sq.m will cost 71,323 EURO that mean 670.3 Euro/sq.m that is very high

  • Hannes Araadom September 27, 2013

    Haviing read the above comments and ofcourse more from before I have to admit the old WEYANE saying is co rrect. It goes like this “3 catagories of people within a nation – SEB NAY SEB SEB and ANKANKINOS.. Luckily for Tigraians only a very small propertion of them were classed as ANKANKINOS. However I wish I could say the same for us, to the contrary it seems to be theexact opposite. We seem to be still glorifying the mad dog of unknown origin unlike any Eritrean. This delussonal imbicil has bled our people before and stil continues to do so – is it normal to see some people idolising and praising his out right fictitiuos promises building vilas. Dear patriots this is the time to reject the barbaric killer who’s brought misery to your own people. You’re all dearly invited to join the struggle of your people to put an end to the horrendous sufferings endured by the ones left behind. We do not expect everyone to be actively involved inthe struggle, although would be a tot better and make the struggle much easier. Brothere , doo nothing at all if you wish so, but please stop spreading these malicious lies of yours and that of your master. Remember life in Asmara, or the whole Eritrea for that matter was significantly better. Over 20 years after independence this is what we get and what we deserve.