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  • Solomon January 14, 2014


    Ab ketema Keren ab wethaderawi measkere Forto.
    Ab underground bet maeserti 250 zekonu deki keren koleu edmieom kab 13 ksab 17
    zekonu bemeknyat tseta naeibi ketekaydu delikum tebahilom kab 2 amet nelaieli teasirom alewu.
    Ezom kolieu eziom welahanti geben zeyblom kensom serat HGDEF redu naebi keyeleaelu wey dema
    ab Sina wesidu kemtom kaleot ahwatom Eritrawian nab Bedouin keshetom delyu zetefelte neger yelon.
    Sdrabetom ab kebid chinket atyom alewu.


  • L.T January 14, 2014

    Now is your chance to apply for one of the most important person A dad Jan-Hoy and you are accustomed to look like not in realty and I want you to sell your old testament to someone else there somewhere,here?are not going to buy you!and that is a plus if you master the bible then you can develop yourself and grow with a right to life than you are now.
    I was born when hailessielse was in power and was young when Dergue burn throughout Eritrea and see when your Weyane deported my people from Ethiopia and waged war against my people and now,you come here as Eritrean and try to fool us,but,this time it does not help!

    • selamawit January 14, 2014

      “The liar’s punishment is, not in the least that he is not believed, but that he cannot believe anyone else.” G. B. Shaw

      l.t. gutless liar, we all know the truth – also you. by the way you didn’t answer the question why you support iseyas. he has ethiopian lines and your hatery against ethiopians is obvious!!!

      iseyas doesn’t believe anybody, and all of his supporters don’t believe each other.
      you call fried/brother/sister now can turn your abuser the next minute.
      what a waste.

      p.s. (even i know) hailessie repressend and killed eritrean people AND ethiopian people.
      mengustu repressend and killed eritrean people AND ethiopian people. and iseyas is killing eritean people – no AND no OR.
      and that you are not a godly person but a lost soul is clear to everbody – you don’t need to explain.

  • L.T January 14, 2014

    Selam Selam;I want cal you Selamiwt haftey couse I have a sister named Selamiwt and when we were kids ,she is the last child in our family and everyone loved her,but sometimes she goes too far,so I called her”Mawit”rather than”Selamawit if she came to me when talking to friend or girlfriend then I get angry ,I say to her”Mayawwwwit”as the cat.Isaias is a real Eritrean than Abdela Idris,Huruy Tedle,Salih Kadi,Selam and Aida Kidane,Assena,Sibhat Nega,Dr Suzan,wedi Vaccaro,Tsege-weyni gual Langano….He work hard for Eritrea so “Mayawwwwit Haftey”for it is the way it is and it’s so much fun itwould have been if Isaias had Surprised us by saying”I am Tenbienay Temen Mendelay”.And I did not understand why you Tegaru hated him soooo much?so then,is it so.

    • solomon January 14, 2014

      Some people pass away with out doing
      any thing from this world.
      Like you and your master Isias.
      It is not special thing is comen knowledge.


    • selamawit January 14, 2014

      l.t. since at last you aswered (a little bit, somehow) my question relating to the familyline of iseyas, in my next posts i now can avoid to call you “gutless” – that is a good beginning.
      but sorry, but still can not avoid the word liar because i never ever believe that you don’t know that iseyas has ethiopian gens and that all these people here (especially Truly Truly) are symphatetic to the eritrean people suffering from iseyas and his gang!!! needless to mention the oratory rhetorical propaganda trick to call everybody “weyane” when he refuse to support the dictator…;o)

      if you read my last posts you should know i don’t reject your iseyas because of his ancestors. i believe everybody should have the right to become a full citizen when he spent a long of his lifetime in a coutry (like a lot of us do in diaspora) – with all rights, also with the chance to become a president. BUT a president by the will of the people (through election) not by subreption and oppression of the people. but that is the real problem with iseyas:
      eritrean people don’t want him (anymore)!

      you don’t think so? why than does he and maybe you have problems with election in eritrea?
      will you answer this question? i am curious to know how long it will take till the word “gutless” is again “fitting”..;o)

      we are cmmunicating through machines (computers) but even though, i have the feeling that your not “complete zombie” – there might be hope for your soul. catch it!

      p.s. greetings to your sister. tell her from me:
      – better stay a cat with personality than to become a barking dog without will.(if your sisters is a cat, there must be also acat in you, l.t. hawey)
      – prefer to be called “mawit” than “selam” when it is about a cheap “selam” without human rights and justice.

      or like peter tosh sang: “I don’t want no peace
      I need equal rights and justice.”

    • Kebiz January 14, 2014

      Your imbecile brain meant Issayas worked hard killing heroes while they were gallantly busy to liberate our land. You would not know this because your likes of Gideon, evil Sophia were privileged kedemtiof the emperor and DERGUE and continue to be unaffected. You have liberation years and songs of freedom. You probably pimp your Mawit the way you admit to manipulate her depending on the hormones she has that day. Your value is almost whoring.

    • Kebiz January 14, 2014

      Either Dejazmach Solomon Abraham is not DIAs Hawe-Abo or Issayas is Tembenay. You can only prove one of this to be true. Please brace yourself for 2014 political surprise/gift to LT. You will cross to the line of Truth. If you are an Eritrean that is!!

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 15, 2014

    LT, since you talking about people origin background identity, where were you hiding up to now when people was many times debating about , but now when the truth comes to light you start blowing dust? Actually a person from which ever identity born, that is not sin and is was not a big issue. But, the strong case we have to question about Isayas identity and alike, instead their diversity origin background origin uses for good, because they using the power for bad, for abusing human right and dignity of a particular nation´s namely Eritrea´s, Isayas and co calculatedly and deliberately because they exterminating and destroying our people, economy and social culture,isolating our nation, disfunctioning all business, ports, Airlines, with jungle law without election, constitution and justice because rolling the nation, anyway all their sin I to describe for you and waste my time, Who are you after all? A devil Worshiper is self Devil. Isn´t it?
    But now, when Wodi Vacaro start telling truth question? why is in Someone afraid to tell his origin region? Why it is sin in Eritrea? because you and alike so scared your identity not to be exposed like isayas could be as i said it above now you are starting blowing dust and running at everybody after like a mad dog. If you confident as Wodi Vacaro recommended you, tell us your origin identity, i born in Asmera, i grown up in this village, i know this i know that bla! bla!it is not an evidence, and it couldn´t indicate your origin , according your stupid argument. Specially tell him to your mad dog leader and his cliques to tell their identity if they confident, instead real Hagerawians defaming. To be honest all the name you mentioned even they be full Woyane origins, i tell you they are more than any Ertrawi both in their deed and spirit. such person for me is regardless his origin is tausend times better than let alone with my origin, region people even more than my own brothers and sisters since they doing the right thing.

  • Truly Truly i say to you January 15, 2014

    part 2
    Actually in a language you talk if you were not inforced and provoked me to talk, to be honest for my nation and for brotherly neighbor in the south, what i wish was the following story like love, good friendship and bilaterial prosperity as my Old Testament teaching me, which you despising the knowledge.
    If in case you wouldn´t know, according the Old Testament bible the real true love and friendship where you can found and learn is, it is in a book of “Ruth. Please everybody because you definatly find deep wisdom and love if you can read all the story all it might take for you only 15 minites to read , but in a short ” According the story even though Ruth and Naomi completely differentiate in race and religion, (Ruth from Moabite race, unbeliever; Naomi; Jew woman, Jewish religion) they able to cloth in marriage each other, because Naoni´s Children was married with Moabite Rute and with the other woman called Orpah. This marriage happened when Naomi in Ruth´s country Moab in exile was. But unfortunately both Naomi´s children called Mahlon and Chilion who were Ruth´s and Orpah´s husband because died there; the unlucky woman Naomi, first because she was lost her husband and now her two children, but fortunately because she heard the Lord had blessed his people by giving them crops, So she got ready to leave Moab with her daughters in law. They started out together to go back to Judah , but on the way she said to them, “Go back to home and stay with your mothers. To make the story short final when Oprah gone back to her people, but Ruth for love because she was touched mark this word specially what she answered, “Don`t ask me to leave you! Let me go with you. Wherever you go, i will go.. Wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. Wherever you die, i will die and that is where i will be buried. May the lord worst punishment come upon me if i let anything but death separate me from you! (Ruth,1, 16-17) again to make short the story after this determination both go to Naome´s country . Naomi for daugther in law fever because everything good advice hasdone to Ruth, the Moabite Ruth again be able married with Naomi´s Jewish cloth relative called Boez. Finally the Lord blessed her, and she became pregnant and had a son. Then the women of the neighbourhood named the boy Obed. They told everyone (A son ha been born to Naomi!) The intersting final point do you know the family line King David where it source? It is from this different race. This is the Familly line from Perez to David: Perez, Herzon, Ram, Amminadab, Nahson Solomon, Boez, Jesse, David.(Ruth 4,18-22) I hope as you learn something, This kind of sincere her because we missing is we questioning Isayas identity, otherwise as you read the story if you use it the different race for good normally it should subose blessing not cursing. Have you understand that as we are not talking from racist motive, but we need only transparency?

  • Wexue Hzbi Eri January 15, 2014

    Good job! Assena / Amanuel