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  • Paradiso March 27, 2013

    Taken from cyberspace. I don’t know when these were written. Posted for reflection.


    ምሉእ ስእልና፣
    ናይ ሉሕሉሕ ምስልና፤.
    ሓደ ይደሚ፣
    ኣብ ባዕዲ፤
    እቲ ኻልእ ይስበኽ፣.
    ብልሳን ሽምዲ።


    ከምቲ ጠቃር ወርቂ ዱባይ፣.
    ቀይሕ ደም ወርቂ ሲናይ፣.
    እቲ ሓደ ካብ ሓማድ ባይታ፣.
    እቲ ካልእ ልቢ መመዝሒቕካ፣.
    መሓውር ከርቲምካ፣
    ኣፍ ዓቢስካ፤ ሎጒምካ።.


    ምሓሸና ዶ

    ቆልዑ ትሩቡሊ እንዳጓየዩ፣
    “ዓብድ ፦ ዓብድ ፦” እንዳበሉ፤
    ኤርትራዊ ሓሰበ ተዳሂሉ፣
    መውጽኢ እንተፈጠረሉ፤
    ልቡ ብራዕዲ ነዲሉ፣
    “ቋንቋና ዓረብ እንተዝኸውን፣”
    ምሓሸና ዶ ፧
    ካብ ውርደትን ሕስረትን ፧

  • Paradiso March 27, 2013

    After 30 years of fighting against our brothers and sisters of Ethiopia, we have ended up as Arab Bedouin and Rashayda slaves in the Arab world. We, the shameless “Abeeds”, as the Arabs call us, also burned our own languages to appear walking and quacking like the Arabs, and still we do not know who we are? Not only are we mental slaves suffering from inferiority complex but also physical slaves of the Arabs selling our own languages, women, men and children.
    Only worthless people create worthless phantom nations.

    Here is fresh news from Eritrea, via ICER:

    ” … ICER could continue writing letters of complaints to Egypt, UN agencies and by the way to the Sudan too whose government machinery is unashamedly geared towards making thousands of Eritreans victim of human trafficking, but to what end. Unless, one controls the source it is indeed futile exercise to expect solutions from beyond.

    “Recently, Merkeba young lady of 19 year old was kidnapped from Barantu in broad day light. Barantu is a town in Eritrea some 130 Km from the border of Sudan. After few days stay in one of the many makeshift ‘slave holding’ spots in the Sudan, she was transported to Sinai to await her fate, that is, either to pay ransom money of 35,000 USD or face death. Upon hearing the dreadful news her parents hastily sold their house converted the Nakfa into US currency and send her older brother to the Sudan to pay the ransom money. I am sure they wished him Godspeed when he stared his journey. Unfortunately, her brother was caught crossing the border by the Eritrean Security forces and was thrown to jail with all his money confiscated by the government. Meron of Radio Erena had an extensive interview with Merkeb now awaiting death by the criminals in Sinai.
    “Last week prison riot occurred in Yemeni were over 200 Eritreans are kept prisoners. Our source informed us that the cause of the riot in Merkezi prison in Hodeida was the death of a Yemeni prisoner of unknown disease. The prison population amounting 600 blamed the Eritreans and perhaps ‘Somali and Ethiopian’ prisoners as vectors of the disease and asked for their quarantine if not extermination. The Africans are desperately calling for help
    “Similarly in Djibouti, prisoners are in an indefinite order of lockup with no one leaving his cell because of an incident that happened few days ago. Two mentally deranged Eritrean prisoners escaped from jail and the prison authorities blamed the entire population for their escape. We have no word yet whether the two mentally challenged inmates are apprehended or not. It is worth noting here that Eritrean refugees in Djibouti are kept as prisoners same as those surrendered EDF members victims of the brief skirmish with Djibouti few years ago.”

    • ahmed saleh March 28, 2013

      Do you know what are you saying ?
      The massacres , village burnings and all other sad events of that times meant nothing to call them
      our brothers while they violate our people , wake up and shut your mouth for GOD sake if you are real Eritrean . I can forgive but will not forget the past atrocities .

      • Gebez March 29, 2013

        ahmed saleh,
        Did the massacres, village burnings e.t.c happen only in Eritrea at that time? At least, Eritreans were respected and feared and economically had the upper hand. Now, look what the situations look like. Hell on earth!! I’m not saying that the independence struggle should not have taken place.But, truth must be told.God bless the people!!

  • Kombishtato March 29, 2013

    This hate “business” started long ago. It started by the propaganda to hate the “Amhara, Oromo …” people or anything considered “Ethiopian” even black African. It then went hating a lot of stuff considered part of the land currently called Eritrean, including Eritrean languages, values, customs and culture. The only ideology and nationalism of the whole Ghedli/ Sewra business was “hate”. Also remember for the jebhas and shaebias who are still hating each other; hating the Kunamas, hating Faluls, Menkaes …
    There are still many Eritreans in the opposition living off the “hate” business. These are the people who hate themselves and burned the Eritrean languages and tradition, e.g. they burned the Tigre language text books prepared by the education department in Jebha. To this day, many leaders of the opposition, i.e. the dinosaurs of the old Jebha, do not want to see any Eritrean group to broadcast radio or TV and learn in indigenous Eritrean languages such as Tigre, Kunama, Bilen, Afar.
    People who hate themselves, hate anything and everything except their masters. No one expects the people who hate themselves to love themselves let alone anyone else. Worthless people create only worthless political identities.

    “History repeated itself again 28 years later after the second organizational conference of the ELF/Jebha in 1975. Educational books, which were prepared in the Tigré language by teachers at the Sawa training center, were ordered to be burned by the Executive Committee, citing the reason that it was a conspiracy directed against the status and prominence of the Arabic language in Eritrea. The leadership of the ELF gave orders not to prepare any more educational texts in the Tigré language henceforth.”

  • ida April 2, 2013

    I think all Eritreans should raise funds, hire snipers and kill all 22 evil bedwins and teach them not to mess with Eritreans once and for all!!!!!!!

  • ida April 2, 2013

    Paradise, you sound like a slave.