Voice of Assenna: We Shall Never Forget the Pain of Eritrean Victims; Wed, March 30, 2016



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  • k.tewolde March 31, 2016

    Who is accountable for this,gut wrenching,heartbreaking,bone shattering,soul piercing testimonial by this young Eritrean women? We all know the answer.The young lady said in a plain language,MENGISTI KIQIYER ALEWO. How brave are they to survive this hell and live to talk about it. This is the filth and shame HGDEF is trying to hide from the rest world,they are not secretly enriching uranium by closing them self up for so long. The cry and agony of these children is deafening in cities and small towns in that cursed land. Time is up.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! March 31, 2016

      HGDF’S shameful acts back stabbed the people who gave their trust to
      protect them . Many youngsters lives lost outside the country and their loved once shed tears out desperation in search missing souls will leave close families to wonder in hopeless dark side . Very sad reality hard
      to cope situation to those unfortunate parents .
      I pray to give them eternal strength .

  • Teqera March 31, 2016

    These days there is nothing as shameful and humiliating as being an Eritrean inside Eritrea and in the filthy Arab world.
    Imagine about all the Eritrean lives lost,raped, beheaded, murdered, branded by hot iron like a camels, organ harvested,tortured, millions of dollars pilfered …,
    The most shameful part of being an Eritrean is that with all these pain the government and the Higdef supporters doing nothing and our so called “Arab brothers” sending more Eritreans to Arab dungeons.
    Such is the shame of being an Eritrean.

    • AHMED SALEH !!! March 31, 2016

      To be ashamed are those who do harm to their own people and supporters
      in denial . And they are few bad apples in a barrel .
      Do not let them win on you to disconnect from your origin . Join the
      resistance with pride to satisfy inner consciousness.