Review overview
  • rahwa January 24, 2012

    What an article, Godefa! I liked the journey which took me to Nakfa (a reminder of collective heroism) and then back to our present days of slavery. Though pfdj is trying to monopolize (Nakfa’s history) and paint our Nakfa (that historic town which is dear to us as Eritreans) new colors of disgrace and stupidity, in my opinion, your article highlights Nakfa as the place of defiance and of NEVER KNEELING DOWN . And those individuals who claim to oppose the dictatorial regime, and yet refuse to do a thing about it, except find fault because others are taking initiatives like in Ethiopia, they are the power hungry. I think of them as the fox. thanks guys, great program! keep it up!

    • ahmed saleh January 24, 2012

      We should move from an impossible to a possible through the possibility thinking
      approach. we have many possibilities that had not been there before. Remember,
      nobody starts winning without a beginning and there will never be onother now,
      so do not kill the dream for democratic change just try to engage on the process.

  • Abnet Tesfai January 24, 2012

    the eritrean heroes are speaking the truth. thier fight is going on the modern world where no crack is a hidden please for any dictaotors lies and cheating.
    follow this video of the heroic Eritreans.

  • Semhar January 26, 2012

    Gaddafi is dead Isayas is next!
    – His boss (Mubarak of Egypt) is thrown out of power.
    – The international community’s talking peace and carrying big stick [sanctions] is having an effect.
    – The Eritrean people are beginning to realize that there is no point in waiting for the regime to reform itself — that it needs to be overthrow.
    This is the moment we must come together to save our land and our people.

    Let freedom ring in Akeleguzay!
    Let freedom ring in Barka!
    Let freedom ring in Denkel!
    Let freedom ring in Hamasien!
    Let freedom ring in Sahil!
    Let freedom ring in Semhar!
    Let freedom ring in Senhit!
    Let freedom ring in Seraye!

    Let freedom ring in ERITREA!

    Let freedom ring allover Eritrea!
    Let’s LIVE FREE OR DIE with dignity.
    Our martyrs did not die to crown the tyrant.
    We must reclaim our flag, our constitution, Highi Indaba, our land (our original provinces), our people,

  • eritrean February 11, 2013

    isayas is a killer he is not eritrea but he destroyed our country. he must go and puppet followers.

  • eritrean February 11, 2013

    All the suppoter of the pfdj are loser and the follwer dont know where isyas comes from.Nobody doesn’t where he come from but he not eritrean.He is murder and we need to take him to court where he can be punishment for the crimes since 1970-2013. He kill our father,brother,sister,mother.The people of eritrea need to stand up and overthrow the goverment out.god bless eritrea and people that are suffrin in eritrea and outside eritrea.Thank you assenna for bring good news.